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Monday, July 31, 2006


Feroce Campaign Stumbles Out of the Gate

First it was the scrape with the cops when he was in his 20's, now Mike M at Down With Absolutes reports that John Feroce's filing fee check bounced.

I wanted to post a comment at DWA but it did not take. Here is the comment:

The fact that he has purchased so much advertising time on WDEL means he has money commin in from somewhere, and when asked about all the ads he said that he thought the race would cost over $100,000 - so he either has money or feels he can raise it.


Tom Tomorrow Interviews Dave From First State Politics a typical conservative delawareliberal reader.

Click on the picture for a larger (readable) version.


Delawareliberal Welcomes Disgusted Republicans

You know who you are. Pull up a chair and make yourself at home.

To become the party-in-power, the Democrats have to get 5-10% of the electorate to migrate from the Republicans to the Democrats. Since they are Republicans now, that portion of the electorate is more conservative than most Democrats.

This migration is possible now, because the Republican Party has become repulsive to decency and rationality and secularism. Republicans stand for torture, national bankruptcy, corrupt crony capitalism unbound, and authoritarianism.

The existing right-wing of the Democratic Party, however, has been accomodationist. There's no more prominent example of a Vichy Democrat that Joe. Joe, representing the old Democratic Right, loves Republicanism; the New Democratic Right will consist of former Republican, who are conservative, but HATE Republicanism. Joe was right there defending the fantasy foreign policy in Iraq and Terry Schiavo and so on.

It is not just that Joe's dessicated liberalism is no longer compatible with the emergence of a liberal vision of a just society, it is that he is not the kind of conservative, who will attract the conservatives, who find themselves repulsed by the current Republican Party.

Webb in Virginia, Tester in Montana, Lamont in Connecticut -- Kos of DailyKos fame, Howard Dean, represent a New Democratic Right. (Or Center, if you prefer). They are not pissed off at the excesses of the 60's. They are pissed off about Bush and the excesses of Republicans, now. They are a magnet for people being expelled from the Republican Party by those excesses.

It is Lieberman's way of being a conservative Democrat, which is no longer wanted. It is standing in the way of the long-term project of building a Democratic majority.


Joe Biden and other Dem Leaders write to Mr. Bush

The President
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President:

While the world has been focused on the crisis in the Middle East, Iraq has exploded in violence. Some 6,000 Iraqis were killed in May and June, and sectarian and insurgent violence continues to claim American and Iraqi lives at an alarming rate. In the face of this onslaught, one can only conclude that the Baghdad security plan you announced five weeks ago is in great jeopardy.

Despite the latest evidence that your Administration lacks a coherent strategy to stabilize Iraq and achieve victory, there has been virtually no diplomatic effort to resolve sectarian differences, no regional effort to establish a broader security framework, and no attempt to revive a struggling reconstruction effort. Instead, we learned of your plans to redeploy an additional 5,000 U.S. troops into an urban war zone in Baghdad. Far from implementing a comprehensive "Strategy for Victory" as you promised months ago, your Administration=' strategy appears to be one of trying to avoid defeat.

Meanwhile, U.S. troops and taxpayers continue to pay a high price as your Administration searches for a policy. Over 2,500 Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice and over 18,000 others have been wounded. The Iraq war has also strained our military and constrained our ability to deal with other challenges. Readiness levels for the Army are at lows not seen since Vietnam, as virtually no active Army non-deployed combat brigade is prepared to perform its wartime missions. American taxpayers have already contributed over $300 billion and each week we stay in Iraq adds nearly $3 billion more to our record budget deficit.

In the interests of American national security, our troops, and our taxpayers, the open-ended commitment in Iraq that you have embraced cannot and should not be sustained.

Rather, we continue to believe that it is time for Iraqis to step forward and take the lead for securing and governing their own country. This is the principle enshrined in the "United States Policy in Iraq Act" enacted last year. This law declares 2006 to be a year of "significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty, with Iraqi security forces taking the lead for the security of a free and sovereign Iraq, thereby creating the conditions for the phased redeployment of United States forces from Iraq." Regrettably, your policy seems to be moving in the opposite direction.

This legislation made clear that Iraqi political leaders must be informed that American patience, blood and treasure are not unlimited. We were disappointed that you did not convey this message to Prime Minister Maliki during his recent visit. Reducing the U.S. footprint in Iraq will not only give the Iraqis a greater incentive to take the lead for the security of their own nation, but will also allow U.S. forces to be able to respond to contingencies affecting the security of the United States elsewhere in the world.

We believe that a phased redeployment of U.S. forces from Iraq should begin before the end of 2006. U.S. forces in Iraq should transition to a more limited mission focused on counterterrorism, training and logistical support of Iraqi security forces, and force protection of U.S. personnel.

Additionally, every effort should be made to urge the Iraqis to take the steps necessary to achieve a broad-based and sustainable political settlement, including amending the constitution to achieve a fair sharing of power and resources. It is also essential to disarm the militias and ensure forces loyal to the national government. Finally, an international conference should be convened to persuade other governments to be more involved, and to secure the resources necessary to finance Iraq's reconstruction and rebuild its economy.

Mr. President, simply staying the course in Iraq is not working. We need to take a new direction. We believe these recommendations comprise an effective alternative to the current open-ended commitment which is not producing the progress in Iraq we would all like to see. Thank you for your careful consideration of these suggestions.

Harry Reid, Senate Democratic Leader
Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader
Dick Durbin, Senate Assistant Democratic Leader
Steny Hoyer, House Minority Whip
Carl Levin, Ranking Member, Senate Armed Services Committee
Ike Skelton, Ranking Member, House Armed Services Committee
Joe Biden, Ranking Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Tom Lantos, Ranking Member, House International Relations Committee
Jay Rockefeller, Vice Chairman, Senate Intelligence Committee
Jane Harman, Ranking Member, House Intelligence Committee
Daniel Inouye, Ranking Member, Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee
John Murtha, Ranking Member, House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee


Delawareliberal's Snail Mail Address

If you are like Al Mascitti and can't figure out how to hook your trusty old typewriter up to the internets, or you want to send me secret back channel communications and don't think you can keep your anonymity if you use:


You now have another option. You can send any and all abuse, denunciations, disputations, harangues, philippics, screeds, tirades, or hate mail via snail mail to me at:

PO Box 636
Clayton, DE 19938


The Stonewalling from Castle's office continues

If you read this post and your name happens to be Allan Loudell, Doug Williams, Ron Williams, Al Mascitti, Patrick Jackson, Joe Ragolsky, Celia Cohen or Gerry Fulcher - maybe you can help out a fellow member of the fourth estate and direct Mike Quaranta, Mr. Castle's Chief of Staff to do his job and get me the answer to my question.

July 31, 2006
Via Email & Priority Mail

Mr. Quaranta,

I am writing to alert you to a serious problem on your
staff and to ask for your help. I have recently
emailed and called Elizabeth Swenk and Kaitlin Hoffman
for some information on Mr. Castle and both Ms. Swenk
and Ms. Hoffman have not returned my calls or emails.

I have been seeking the answer to a few questions
about Mr. Castle so that
"" readers can make an
informed voting decision this fall.

To put it in a nut shell, I am trying to find out if
Mr. Castle regrets having supported George Bush in his
two campaigns for the office of President of the
United States.
As you know Mr. Castle served as
George Bush's Delaware campaign chairman and knowing
if the Congressman regrets that decision would give
voters an insight into his judgment.

I sincerely I hope you can get Ms. Swenk or Ms.
Hoffman to respond. I have attached one of the emails
below for your convenience. Thanks in advance for
your help with this.




Mrs. Wenk,

Good morning! Yesterday I emailed you asking for Mr.
Castle's take on whether or not he regrets having
supported George Bush (twice) in his pursuit of the

I am eager waiting for your response, but the meantime
another example of Mr. Bush's incompetent management
of the war has made the news and I would like you to
include Mr. Castle's reaction to this instance as

MSNBC is reporting that a decorated sergeant and
Arabic language specialist was dismissed from the U.S.
Army under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, even
though he says he never admitted being gay and his
accuser was never identified.

Does Mr. Castle feel that this is a rational way to
prosecute a war in which Arab language specialists are
at a premium. Does this instance make him more or
less likely to apologize to Delawareans for serving as
Mr. Bush's campaign chairman here in Delaware?

Thanks you in advance for your prompt response to this


cc: Kailtin Hoffman

Sunday, July 30, 2006



I don't care how you try to rationalize this. Our foriegn policy is now: It is okay to kill women and children.

"The death toll in the Lebanese village of Qana passed 60, including 37 children.

NOTE: I was going to post a picture to go along with this post but it was frankly impossible to find one that was not utterly horrifying.

I hold Delaware's entire Congressional delegation; Biden, Carper and Castle in utter and complete contempt.


Blogging From a Coffee Shop Computer in Rehoboth

I read, and need to share this letter to the NJ

Defend this country from liberals, starting with Jesus

I applaud the letter concerning the danger to the American way of life by liberal terrorists in the media, education and government. If patriotic Americans ever hope to purge this insanity, we must look back to its source.

The founding father of today's liberal problem was Jesus Christ. His insidious best- selling book, the Bible, has perpetuated crazy ideas about love and peace. Every week throughout this great land of ours, Jesus' teachings are used to indoctrinate unsuspecting masses into the liberal way of thinking, like "love thy neighbor as thyself" and "do unto others as you would have others do unto you." What a load of garbage.

Real Americans must fight to destroy this indoctrination! We must have an amendment to the Constitution to ban this liberal instruction manual. If this country is going to win the war on terrorism, we must do whatever it takes, and ignore all left- leaning ideologies.

Richard Lynch, Wilmington

Awesome Job Richard. You are a true patriot.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Cohen-ventional Wisdom

Read Grapevine if you want a good recap of the filings from the institutional perspective.

Celia gets her routine B- from me for her workmanlike insider-y take on the races to watch.

She lost points for miss calling the 20th RD (Richard J. Korn vs. Brian N. Moore or Nick Manolakos) as "Safe Republican" when that open seat race is clearly a "toss-up" and calling the 25th RD (John Kowalko vs. Stephanie A. Ulbrich) as "Safe Republican" when that is a "Leans Republican". Otherwise completely adequate.


Dobrich intimidation makes the New York Times

“If you want people to stop calling him ‘Jew boy,’ you tell him to give his heart to Jesus.”

Does that sound like the voice of a patriotic Christian America to you?
Does it sound like the Delaware you remember from even ten years ago?

I don't think it is the true voice of the people of Sussex County and yet people like the person who said those words to Mona Dobrich have been enboldened by George Bush and the moderate Republicans who have allowed thier party become the party of hate and anti-American sectarianism.

Read the whole NYT articleand ask yourself if the leader of Delaware's Republicans, Michael Castle should shoulder some of the responsibilityt for allowing this cancer to grow in his party and our state.

GEORGETOWN, Del. — After her family moved to this small town 30 years ago, Mona Dobrich grew up as the only Jew in school. Mrs. Dobrich, 39, married a local man, bought the house behind her parents’ home and brought up her two children as Jews.

For years, she and her daughter, Samantha, listened to Christian prayers at public school potlucks, award dinners and parent-teacher group meetings, she said. But at Samantha’s high school graduation in June 2004, a minister’s prayer proclaiming Jesus as the only way to the truth nudged Mrs. Dobrich to act.

“It was as if no matter how much hard work, no matter how good a person you are, the only way you’ll ever be anything is through Jesus Christ,” Mrs. Dobrich said. “He said those words, and I saw Sam’s head snap and her start looking around, like, ‘Where’s my mom? Where’s my mom?’ And all I wanted to do was run up and take her in my arms.”

After the graduation, Mrs. Dobrich asked the Indian River district school board to consider prayers that were more generic and, she said, less exclusionary. As news of her request spread, many local Christians saw it as an effort to limit their free exercise of religion, residents said. Anger spilled on to talk radio, in letters to the editor and at school board meetings attended by hundreds of people carrying signs praising Jesus.


O'Donnell makes it a threesome

Christine O’Donnell joins Temple Law Professor Jan Ting and local sourpuss Mike Protack in a three-way Republican primary on Sept. 12.

One question for the divine Ms. O. If this is all about protecting the unborn-Americans, shouldn't she be making the frozen unborn-Americans sworn enemy, Michael Castle, face a primary?

Photo via Down With Absolutes


Note to News Journal Headline writers

When you write,

Hollywood actress shooting film in Delaware make us all sound like a bunch of gap-toothed yokels.

I mean what's wrong with the tried and true "Hollywood on the Brandywine" ?


I simply don't know what to make of this Feroce announcement video

It is 7 minutes, but you get the gist after 70 seconds.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Around the Horn Friday

I just caught the very end of the Feroce show on WDEL. Maybe I'll interview Giovanni for my "Running Against Incumbents" series.....hmmm...that would stir the pot. Anyway, what are you lot up to?

Kilroy is FOR legislation OPPOSES using credit score to set Auto Insurance Rate and Homeowners Insurance. If you can follow the syntax you will agree that common sense is spreading.

Hube at Colossus has Israel's back. I get the arguments. I just don't like the idea of blowing up "their" civilians because they blew up "our" civilians. What is civil about that?

Dave at First State Politics jumps on the Feroce bandwagon. (Shocker!)

Karmic Jay covers the late night snark beat. Here is my favorite, "Condoleezza Rice was in Rome and she visited the Vatican and all the priests were very happy to see her. And everybody kept asking her 'What's it like to be celibate?" --David Letterman

Donviti points out that whenever one Democrat is is involved in a scandal - it is "bipartisan". So what if it was 50 Republicans and one Democrat.

Mahaffieand his camera, wife and children went to Vermont and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

Tommywonk reports on Steele in Wilmington. Which reminds me, if a black guy says he is bringing the "hood" with him to Washington, and I say that he said that - does that make me a racists bigot? Some of my unhindged commenters seem to think so.

Mike M at Down With Absolutes gets all zen and hiaku-ish with I’ve come to the conclusion that, without fresh blueberries, summer would be a complete waste of three months.

Peace Out !


Another Republican Jumps Ship

This time it is Charles Barkley. Yes, that Charles Barkley.

Former Philadelphia 76er, who has never been shy about speaking his mind, has long considered running for office in Alabama. As ABC reports, his ambition hasn't changed, although his party affiliation has: "For years, former Philadelphia 76er Charles Barkley has discussed running for governor as a Republican in his home state of Alabama."

This month, Barkley refueled talk about his future candidacy, except there was a change: He would run as a Democrat.

"I was a Republican until they lost their minds," the man once known as the "Round Mound of Rebound" said at a celebrity golf tournament earlier this month.

- via tommywonk


In my own defense...

Some have suggested that my calls to Castle's office are "crank" calls and that I am just being a "pain in the ass".

While it is true that Michael Castle may regard me as a pain in the ass. My daily calls have a real and important purpose. I honestly think whether or not Castle regrets supporting Bush TWICE - speaks to his judgement.

Knowing if Delaware's only representative in the House in has good or poor judgement is important. Delawareans need to know about Castle's judgement in order to make an informed voting decision.

In a way I am asking, "Knowing what Castle now knows about Bush, would he make the same decisions regarding lending Bush his support?" and "When Mr. Castle looks at Bush's abject and ongoing failure, does his partisanship color his vision and make that failure appear to be success?"

In these days of war as far as the eye can see, I find these to be significant important questions. If anyone cares to join me in trying to find out the answer to these questions, Mr. Castle's press secretary, Elizabeth Wenk, can be reached at (202) 225-4165.


An email chat with Richard Korn

I recently conducted an email interview with Richard Korn, the Democratic candidate in the 20th Rep District. Unlike the other candidates who will be profiled in this series, Korn does not need to worry about taking on an incumbent in the race because when he let the word out that he was running the incumbent, Roger Roy, retired. Here Richard talks about how Roy’s version of public service influenced him to run and other issues influencing the race.

Jason: Richard, you’ve been in and around politics for a long time. What motivated you to run this time?

Richard Korn: When I read the News Journal investigative report about Roger Roy that was written by Chris Barrish and this is a direct quote: “Roy said he has abstained from voting on Delaware's operating budget, which pays the contract, since 1998, when the contract began paying part of his TMA salary. Available public records confirmed Roy has abstained.”

I could not believe what I had read. This statement was an admission by Mr. Roy that - at least for the past 8 consecutive years - he was putting his obligation to represent the "public interest" second to his personal interests derived from TMA. I also saw this as a violation of the oath of office which says: "... always to place the public interests above any special or personal interests."

Mr. Roy represented this district for 30 years, the last 12 without any opponent. I felt compelled to run to give the residents of the 20th District a clear choice and an opportunity for a new direction.

Jason: What is the 20th like in terms of political “lay of the land” ?
Southern New Castle folks myself think of your part of the state as being very affluent, so you might be up against a registration advantage – is that the case?

Richard Korn: There are approximately 800 more registered R’s than D’s but there are almost 3900 independents. Although Mr. Roy has kept this seat in GOP hands, the 20th District has a long history of voting for Democratic Party candidates. Joe Biden has carried the 20th; Governor Minner has carried the 20th; John Carney carried the 20th; Jack Markell has carried the 20th; Dianne Kempski carried the 20th and Ken Boulden carried the 20th RD beating one of the people running in the Republican primary handily in 2004.

Jason: When you announced that you were running you said, “There is no Republican way to pave a pothole or no Democratic way to clean a park and there is no partisan way to create jobs.” But do you think there is a “Democratic approach” to governing a state?

Richard Korn: I do not believe that any one party has a monopoly on "good government." What I'm talking about has nothing to do with partisanship or party label, but rather the kind and type of people that we have put our trust and confidence in to represent us. I feel that the “Democratic approach” to governing a state is predicated upon a democratic and open process - executive or legislative branch - the kind and type approach to "good government" that I support.

Jason: How are you finding the mood of the voters as you go door to door?

Richard Korn: Very receptive to me and of my candidacy. Many in this district know me. They know I stand up, ask the tough questions, make my voice heard, take action and fight for the needs of Delaware citizens and … I get things done.

I did it when I challenged and held New Castle County government accountable for the $242 million surplus and when, with my wife, Magda, we approached the Venezuelan Ambassador and arranged to bring the CITGO Venezuelan Discounted Low-Income Heating Oil Program (1,150,000 gallons) to Delaware - with Catholic Charities, Joe Kennedy and Citizen’s Energy Corp. - to help low-income Delawareans stay warm – and we got the program extended for one and possibly two more years and we are working now to include nursing homes, senior citizen centers and public schools. I am committed to helping working families and to making government open and responsive to the people.

Jason: When you let the word out that you were running for this seat Roger Roy retired, and yet the Republicans are looking at this as a top tier race because they really don’t want to lose this seat. So they have kind of put a target on you - How does that make you feel?

Richard Korn: There is a Republican primary so I don't know who my opponent will be. However, I'm focused on taking my case to the people and talking about the issues and my commitment to opening a district office to serve the people.

The people are listening when I talk about wanting to go to Dover to:
1. Work to prevent - and so we never again face - a 60% residential and over 100% small business electric rate hike.

2. So our senior citizens on a fixed income don’t have to choose between an electric bill and a medical bill … and so our young families just starting out don’t have to choose between an electric bill and a grocery bill.

3. Work to bring real energy alternatives and real CHOICE for homeowners and small business owners to our state and to do all that I can to help bring down the price of gasoline that Washington has permitted to skyrocket out of control.

4. Work for affordable, high- quality health care for all Delawareans.

5. Work for economic development - through orderly growth - that will create and bring good paying jobs and more good paying jobs INTO this state … and to do all that I can to make sure that Delaware jobs STAY in Delaware.

6. Work to do all that can be done for our youth and that includes job-training programs so our young people can feel and realize some hope.

7. Work to make our educational system the very best it can be so every child has every opportunity possible - to be as great as he or she can possibly be - and to insure greater accountability of our school tax dollars.

8. Fight for fiscal responsibility and accountability and I know how to fight and protect taxpayers against fraud and waste and fiscal abuse, because I've been there and I've done it and my record of accomplishments of fighting for what's right, fighting for taxpayers, and "doing the right thing" speaks for itself.

9. Protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land on which we live and depend; and to act firmly and decisively against polluters who release toxins in our air, in our water, and on our land.

Jason: Thanks for your time and thanks for having the guts to take this on.

Richard Korn: Thank you for having me and for asking the questions you have asked. Keep up the good work.


Blogger Sucks!

Some people might be having problems commenting. Keep trying and don't worry. I didn't ban you - Blogger just sucks.


My morning call to Castle's office

Oh lord it was funny, get a load of this...

So I called (202) 225-4165 as I have been doing for the past couple of mornings and this time got a nice young woman named Jenna.

Jenna: Good morning Congressman Castle's office, this is Jenna.
Me: Good morning Jenna, this is Jason Scott. How are today?
Jenna:Fine thanks!
Me: Great. Jenna. I sent an email to Elizabeth Swenk and to Kaitlin that right Hoffman?
Me: Well I did not get a reponse and I was wondering...they must work for someone, like a chief of staff or something, and I was wondering if I could get that email as well.
Jenna:Sure is it Mike Quarantnta...or I can just check if Elizabeth is in...?
Me: Yeah sure that would be great.

[This is where it gets good - because Swenk WAS PISSED to be on the phone with me. Jenna is probably getting her ass reamed as I write this because here is how my conversation with Swenk went down.]

Swenk: Hello. (She starts out nice and normal sounding.)
Me: Hi, this is Jason Scott. I've written you a couple of emails and I was wondering if you got them.
Swenk: (All of a sudden she is very pissed at being on the phone with me) No.
Me: Really? They were about whether Mr. Castle is going to a apologize for supporting Bush?
Swenk: (total frosty ice princess) ...yes...
Me: So, it kinda rings a bell?
Swenk: (Thinking, I am going to KILL Jenna!) Yes.
Me: Well, now that we are kind of "face to face" maybe you can just tell me...?
Swenk: No.
Me: But you'll respond to the emails now, I guess...? Now that you remember them.
Swenk: Yes.
Me: Okay thanks! That would be great!
Swenk: Goodbye. [Click]

There is no way in hell she is going to respond to my questions. Which provides me with another important lesson: you have to be able to lie to work for Castle.

NOTE:I hope Jenna does not get into real trouble over this. I have to say that all of Castle's young phone people; Matt, Ian, Jenna, anyone I've forgotten - have been nothing but nice and helpful. It is just the higher-ups who are snots.


Primaries and the health of a political party

I've been an outspoken advocate FOR primaries since I began blogging lo' these many months ago. They are good for the system and they are good for the candidates. They allow voters to get a longer, more meaningful look at a candidate and his/her positions, and when primaries do not decend into all out inter-party bloodbath, they generally end up helping the winner of the primary. Matt Denn's primary for insurance commissioner, for example, allowed him to build up his name recognition and burnish off some rough edges prior to the general election race.

Party leaders don't like them because they can be expensive and leave a candidate in a lousy "cash-on-hand" position going into the general, but the party leaders work for us - we don't work for them. In the end, primaries allow new blood to work it's way up through the ranks and provide a check against a clique of insiders taking a party over the ideological cliff. So primaries are a net good in a democracy.

Knowing that, which party is healthier? Which party truly represents the people and which is run by a cabal of insiders who can brook no opposition?

Republican primaries set for this fall: 3 5

Democratic Party primaries set for this fall: 7 8

These numbers will probably change after the noon filing deadline, but I think this gives a good indication of which party is healthier.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Bill Dunn to primary Bob Gilligan in the 19th RD

Although the Delaware Department of Elections web site does not confirm this, some have reported that Bill Dunn, the president of the Milltown-Limestone Civic Alliance and a trustee for the Kiamensi Civic Association, is going to file (or has filed) to run agaist Bob Gilligan to represent the 19th RD in Dover.

If this turns out to be true, and If Dunn is a real Democrat and not a Green Party member or a member of the "I-want-a-do-over" party, then this is good news.

Primaries are good for the system and should be welcomed by eveyone who believes that the State Legislature is not the House of Lords where people go to serve out lifetime appointments.


The Rude Pundit's Funny Take on Michael Steele

Republicans Running From Bush, Part 3 - Wherein Michael Steele Meets Karl Rove's Sodomizin' Stormtroopers:

In the annals of punk-ass bitchery - an encyclopedic collection of toadies, cavers, and cowerers - an entire page will be devoted to Maryland's Lieutenant Governor and Republican Senate Candidate Michael Steele. For, indeed, if evolution worked the way Michael Steele does, early humans would have stood upright, bumped into a tree limb, and decided it was better to slink around hunched over. Surely, that is what Steele would have done, considering his collapse from mensch to putz in a little less than 48 hours.

Read the whole thing, [WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE AND THEMES] and remember that Steele is bringing "da hood" as well as his unique brand of "punk-ass bitchery " to Delaware tonight!

The Underground Republican Network of Delaware
Wilmington Drama League 6:00pm
10 Lea Blvd. (near Market Street)


Nagle Could Not Round Up 5,000 People Who Want Her to Run...

so even after having won the right to not pay the filing fee on the grounds that she is destitute, she is going to pay anyway.

I love the fact that Patrick Jackson caught this:

By paying her filing fee, however, Hartley-Nagle may ultimately assist Spivak’s campaign.

Under Delaware law, filing fees are paid to the state but returned to political parties for their use. Because Spivack is the endorsed Democratic candidate, the party could use the fees to support him.

As I've said all along. I don't mind the primary - but if you lose you should not be able to have the option of running as a member of the "I-want-a-do-over Party".


Ladies and Gentleman, I give you your GOP at war...

Army dismisses gay Arabic linguist;
Decorated sergeant ‘outed’ by anonymous e-mail never admitted to charges

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A decorated sergeant and Arabic language specialist was dismissed from the U.S. Army under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, though he says he never admitted being gay and his accuser was never identified.

Bleu Copas, 30, told The Associated Press he is gay, but said he was “outed” by a stream of anonymous e-mails to his superiors in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, N.C.


My Email to Michael Castle's press secretary:

Mrs. Wenk,

Good Morning! Yesterday I wrote you asking for Mr. Castle's comments on whether or not he regrets having supported George Bush in his pursuit of the Presidency.

I am eager waiting for your response, but the meantime another example of Mr. Bush's incompetent management of the war has made the news and I would like you to include Mr. Castle's reaction to this instance as well.

MSNBC is reporting that a decorated sergeant and Arabic language specialist was dismissed from the U.S. Army under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, even though he says he never admitted being gay and his accuser was never identified.

Does Mr. Castle feel that this is a rational way to prosecute a war in which Arab language specialists are at a premium. Does this instance make him more or less likely to apologize to Delawareans for serving as Mr. Bush's campaign chairman here in Delaware?

Thanks you in advance for your prompt response to this request.


cc: Kailtin Hoffman


Democrats Win The First Battle of the 2006 Elections: Candidate Recruitment

Celia Cohen, ever the diplomat, buried the lead and in her recent story.

Both parties are suffering in their efforts from a dearth of legislative candidates. Almost all of the 11 senators up for election are unopposed, and nearly half of the candidates in the 41 representative districts are, too.

Psst...Celia, 72% of the unopposed legislative candidates in races for State Rep. are Democrats.

The fact is Democrats trounced Republicans in this important phase of the election. (Either that or Republicans simply could not find people willing to lower themselves to sign up with Bush/Castle/Crossan style governance.)

Here are the raw numbers as of today:

Unopposed Democrats: 18

Unopposed Republicans: 7

Now I happen to think that ANY unopposed candidate on the ballot is a miscarriage of democracy, but this shows that the Democrats are keeping up their end of the bargain. And if anyone thinks that the state GOP is well run - these figures should give them pause.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


A short chat with Earl Jaques

Jaques is running against Vince Lofink in the heavily Democratic, 27th Rep District - a district where 57% of the voters picked John Kerry over George Bush. On his web-site he vows to make open, accountable government the cornerstone of his campaign.

Jason: For people who don't know can you describe the rough contours of 27th district, and give the political "lay of the land"?

Earl Jaques: The 27th District is located mainly around the Glasgow area. Its a very odd shape to say the least. Old Baltimore Pike is the northern border, the Maryland state line is the western border, and reaching as far south as Denny Road. The eastern border runs partly along Route 72; then shifts along the Conrail tracks that crosses over Route 40 (at Fox Run); then makes a turn to the west along Muddy Run Creek and finishes northward at Cooch's Bridge Road.

The 27th District has over 13,000 registered voters, and contains parts of two different Senatorial Districts the 10th and the 12th. The residents are served by two public school systems: Appoquinimink and Christina, depending where in the District you live. I have personally lived in the 27th District for over 28 years. I've seen a lot of changes in this area since I first moved here - from having just one convenience store for milk and bread to three major shopping centers.

Jason: Was there one thing that made you decide to run?

Earl Jaques: Not one specific thing. I have spent most of my adult life serving and helping others. As a full-time Delaware Guardsmen for over 36 years, I was involved in oil spills, riots, snow storms and other civilian aid events. I have worked with numerous community service organizations, such as, Special Olympics Delaware and the Glasgow Lions Club, which I am the current Vice-President. When my children were young, I also served as a director for the Canal Little League and was the "Umpire-In-Chief" for the entire Little League District 2. I see the State Representative position as just another opportunity to serve the citizens of Delaware. Nothing gives me greater pleasure then helping those in need.

Jason: Taking on an incumbent is tough - how is it going?

Earl Jaques: Yes, running against any incumbent is always difficult. They have name recognition and can use the Community Transportation Fund to influence voters. However, as I walk the district I get a feeling that many voters are ready for a change. Like me, people in this district see that we need to improve our public school system, which ranks in the bottom 25% in the nation, and with 1 out of every 8 Delawareans are without health care, we need to look at creative and new concepts in this area, in the same way Maine, Wisconsin, Vermont and Massachusetts have.

So I am connecting with a lot of people and with the trust and support of the voters in the 27th District, I am prepared to be their advocate in the Delaware House of Representatives.

Jason: Thank you for your time.

Earl Jaques: Not at all, thanks for your interest in my campaign.


This is the first in a new series of posts I'll be doing to better aqaint myself with the Democrats who have the guts and drive to take on entrenched Republican incumbents.


Radical Defense Budget Proposal

American tax payers are kicking in $439 billion in cash and IOU's per year for our national defense. I don't think we are getting a very good return on our invetsment.

As it turns out I'm not alone in that feeling. A whopping 76% of people who USA TODAY asked: In your opinion, would you say the world today is more dangerous than at other times in your life, about the same, or less dangerous than at other times in your life? said "more dangerous".

Dewey Counts, at Kos noticed this and offered this radical idea that I enthusiastically endorse.

Here is the proposal:

There are 193 countries in the world. That is 192 potential foes that we have to defend ourselves against.

Why don't we just give each of them $1 billion per year not to attack us? That leaves $247 billion to just party with. I'm feeling safer just thinking about this.

UPDATE: A Saudi King is all over this concept. He is already giving Lebanon $1.5 billion and I just wrote this post two minutes ago.


On the Radio with Rick and Gerry again

I'll try to be modest, but it even better this time. I had a better take on the big picture for voting the ticket and did not let myself get baiting into trying to defend Vaughn.


Castle Stonewalling the "Apology Issue"

The activism thing fell a little short. However, it was a learning experience. I learned that Castle is stonewall this issue, and I learned that his stonewalling makes me want to know if he thinks Delaware is owed an apology EVEN MORE.

So I wrote his press secretary this email:

Mrs. Wenk,

I have a few question I'd like to have Congressman's Castle's take on.

1) Given President Bush's veto of Mr. Castle's stem cell bill - and given the fact that the President has been an abject failure in his conduct of the Iraq war - Does Mr. Castle regret working for Mr. Bush's election and re-election campaigns?

2) If so, does Mr. Castle feel he owes the people of Delaware an apology for working for Mr. Bush's election and re-election campaigns?

And on a related note. On September 7, 2004 Mr. Castle said, "We are more secure today than we were two years ago. The Taliban no longer rules Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein is no longer terrorizing the world or his own people."

Does Mr. Castle still believe this nonsense?

I'm on deadline so I'd like a quick reply. Thanks!



Enough talk - time for a little poltical action here in Delaware

In Congress right now it is nearly the end of a slow lazy July. Iraq is FUBAR, but what else is new? The Iraq war appears to be all but forgotten and Congress seems to be content to ignore it. So let's wake some people up and remind them that they screwed up and that we don't like it. It is about time for a little anti-war/pro-accountabilityon-line activism.

If you agree that there has been NO ACCOUNTABILITY in Washington on Iraq and Bush's ongoing screw-ups, please take a moment to do something about it.

Hold your Representative in Congress, Michael Newbold Castle, accountable his pro-Iraq war/pro-Bush votes* by calling his office and asking a his staffer a simple question:

Something to the effect...

As a constituent I was wondering...Does Mr. Castle feel he owes Delawareans an apology for supporting President Bush ? or Does Mr. Castele regret having served as a Bush's Delaware campaign chair, and helping elect Bush to two terrible terms as President?

It is that simple - call and ask if Castle is ready to apologize.

Here are the numbers. I'm calling now and will report his repsonse.

Wilmington Office
(302) 428-1902

Dover Office
(302) 736-1666

(302) 856-3334

Washington Office
(202) 225-4165

When you call, please be polite. I'm hoping for 50 calls. (I know that is ambitious, but you need goals in life right?)

Take the poll if you called. Email this link to any Delawarean you know who thinks someone (at long last) should be held accountable for the FIASCO that is the Bush Presidency.

Which of Michael Castle's offices did you call to ask if he is ready to apologize for supporting Bush?
Free polls from


Castle's Iraq votes:

Voted YES on authorizing military force in Iraq & for the President's free hand in any issue related to national security. Reference: Bill sponsored by Hastert,R-IL; Bill HJRes114 ; vote number 2002-455 on Oct 10, 2002 ; Result: Resolution Passed 296-133

Voted YES on approving removal of Saddam & The War in Iraq Anniversary resolution. Bill H Res 557 ; vote number 2004-64 on Mar 17, 2004 ; Result: Bill Adopted 327-93: R 222-2; D 105-90

Voted YES on declaring Iraq part of War on Terror with no exit date. Bill HRES 861 ; vote number 2006-288 on Jun 12, 2006 ; Result: Resolution Passed: 256-153

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I'll just put this quote out there and you let it sink in for a bit...

"We are more secure today than we were two years ago. The Taliban no longer rules Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein is no longer terrorizing the world or his own people."

- Michael Castle September 7, 2004


GOP Idiot of the day - Tom Coburn of Oklahoma

During today’s Senate debate on S. 403, a bill on abortion parental notification laws, former physician said:

“You know, the moral rationalization is if you make a mistake there’s no consequences. I’ve seen the consequences. Condoms and teenagers work about 50% of the time, if you count all the studies up

Check out this babbo's web site. He even uses the "MD" after his name.


Chris Matthews Pretty Much Nails it

On the Imus show this morning Chris Mattews opened up on the Bush administration.

Matthews:I think we’ve completely lost the ability to be a power broker. Look at Condi Rice, it’s a joke–He trusted the pencil necks–it’s ideology with this crowd.

All they care about is ideology. The President bought it, hook, line and sinker, he had– but you know, it was just put into his head, sometime after 9-11, and his philosophy is what he has given it. He didn’t have to have any philosophy when he went in, and they handed it to him. These guys– the guys–you know, the guys that you used to make fun of at school, pencil necks, the intellectuals, the guys you never trusted. All of the sudden he trusts the intellectuals, the guys you knew at school, yeah, they’re a bunch of pencil necks and now he buys completely, their ideology, because he didn’t have one of his own coming in. That was his problem. I don’t know what Bush stood for, except I’m a cool guy and Gore isn’t, and that was our problem. We elected the guy because he was a little cooler than the other guy, and, I hope the next election, it isn’t a problem of who goes to bed with their wife at 9:30 at night, or who knows how to tell a joke on a stage. But it’s who had the sense of strength that comes from having read books, most of their life, tried to understand history.

"Crooks and Liars" has the video and the transcript.


Guess The Mystery Republican!

All the smart R's are jumping ship on W!

First it was George Will and William F. Buckley. Now a mystery Republican. I love a mystery!

Today Dana Milbank writes about a mystery Republican Senate candidate -- who was too scared to be identified by name -- speaking critically of his Party.

The candidate, immersed in one of the most competitive Senate races in the country, sat down to lunch yesterday with reporters at a Capitol Hill steakhouse and shared his views about this year's political currents.

On the Iraq war: "It didn't work. . . . We didn't prepare for the peace."
On the response to Hurricane Katrina: "A monumental failure of government."
On the national mood: "There's a palpable frustration right now in the country."

Well, it's time to play "Guess the Mystery Republican!"

By putting together the clues, let's see how close we can come to figuring out which Republican isn't afraid to speak the truth -- so long as it's not attributed to him.


Delawareans Flee War Zone; Joe Biden Gets Props in Write Up

The Basmas credit Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., and his staff with helping them navigate the chaos of the evacuation. Last week, Biden called Alie Basma and put him in touch with the correct people at the State Department to get Mariam registered for evacuation. Also, a Biden staff member called Mariam Basma late Thursday night in Beirut to tell her about a change in the ferry schedule to Cyprus. - Mike Chalmers, The News Journal

I've been giving Joe the business about his quixotic run for the White House - but it is good to know that he still has time for some good old constituents services when it comes to Delawareans trying not to become victims of George Bush's foreign policies.


Mark your calendar

Starting this week, poltical events start bumping into each other. Make sure you plan in advance.

Tomorrow, July 26th: If you think Bush's war in Iraq is complete Bullshit and Michael Castle is a useless rubber stamp for the adminstration, stay tuned for a quick little online Anti-war/Pro-Accountability event that Delawareliberal is sponsoring.

This Thursday, July 27th: Two fundraisers that I wish I could get to. 1) A Breakfast Fundraiser for Jeanine Kleimo, 25 W. Loockerman Street, Dover. 7:30am. Suggested donation of $50. Hosted by the Hon. Valerie Woodruff, Secretary of Education. To RSVP, please call Cheryl O'Connor at (302) 697-3363. Kleimo is a great candidate in the 34th south of Dover. If you live in Kent County you need to help her out.

2)Fundraiser for Rep. Helene Keeley Pan Tai Restaurant, 837 N. Union Street, Wilmington. 5:30pm to 7:30pm. $100. Please make checks payable to: Committee to Re-Elect Keeley. Keely is an incumbent, so not as much help is required - but I love Thai food, so this one jumped out at me.

This Friday, July 28: Is the deadline to file for a Statewide Office, General Assembly, or a County Office. So if you are going to put your money where your mouth is and run for State Rep, get to the Commissioner of Elections Office with a check.

This Saturday, July 29th 9am-12pm: The "DEMOCRATIC REUNION" event that Mike M blogged about at Down With Absolutes. This one is at the Brew Haha! Cafe in Branmar Plaza Hosted by 11th Representative District Candidate Eric Levin, 5th Senate District Candidate Patricia Morrison and US Congressional Candidate Dennis Spivack. It is only one of many "DEMOCRATIC REUNION" events, so check the DelDems page for others. I like this one because Levin, Morrison, and Spivack are three of the most progressive people runing this year.

Next Tuesday, Aug 1st: This is the big one. Gov. Howard Dean Visits Delaware! Residences at Rodney Square, 902 N. Market Street, Wilmington. 4pm to 5:15pm. $50 for adults, $25 for students with valid student ID. Please make checks payable to: The Delaware Democratic Party. For tickets, call ahead to State Party HQ at (302) 328-9036, email to RSVP. The 50 state strategy is kicking ass. Just look at how the Dems are killing the Republicans this year in candidate recruitment and fundraising. So, show Howard some love.

Next Wednesday, Aug 2st: Help take over the Democratic Party. Seriously. If you think the party has gone too middle of the road and needs to get back to its core liberal values join the Progressive Democrats for Delaware.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Feingold calls for Universal Health Insurance

While the Republicans are grandstanding and talking a good game about "moral values" and proposing gimmicks like the Flag Burning Amendment, Russ Feingold is all action. He is engaged in the business of the American people by introducing a pilot program designed to bring health insurance to all Americans.

The plan is the first in a series of proposals to address the domestic issues that his constituents care about and that the Republican leadership ignores. The difference between us and them is simple -- we're the ones who put the money in; they're the ones who take the money out.
- Via Kos Diary

Feingold Healthcare Facts


Stalked onto WDEL by a Deluded Crank

Jerry Fulcher read my name off a list and was gearing up to trash the Progressive Democrats for Delaware, so I called in and gave a great and reasonable defense of PDD.

However, no sooner was I on the air - than Dana (a.k.a Vernon) called in on another line with his tired Green Party tripe about voting for the mythical "progressive Republican register of wills".

As it turns out Dana's "principled stand" against voting the straight ticket probably is not so much principle as it is sucking up to his Republican buddy and informant (most likely, Tommie Little). His informant hates the state GOP and uses Dana to grind his axes. Little fits the bill and also happens to be Barbara Allsopp's campaign advisor which explains why Dana goes berserk when the Feroce/Vaugh race comes up .

The other "principled Democrat" in the conversation also has a GOP connection. Fulcher is said to be either dating or wanting to date Cloutier - so he is simply angry that Pat Morrison would dare to challenge her. So here is Fulcher hating on Progressive Dems for the gall to run against Cloutier and Dana hating on Progressive Dems becuase he likes his GOP inside source. Some principles!

Anyway - I dominated and kicked both Dana's and Fulcher's ass all over the air waves. Common sense, logic and reason is like kryptonite to these moops.


Cathcart a racist?...maybe, a dumbass?...clearly.

Dick Cathcart (R-9th) finds himself in the papers twice in the same month. This most recent mention:

"A white state legislator who works for Delaware State University promoted a white employee over a qualified black employee, a federal lawsuit against the historically black school alleges.

Associate Vice President for Business Services Richard C. Cathcart recommended the white employee be promoted despite having disciplined him on multiple occasions, according to the lawsuit that DSU facilities employee Rory Lewis filed last week in U.S. District Court in Wilmington." bad enough - but when consider it along side the earlier "civic center" story in which he plays both sides of the street within 5 short paragraphs; first a civic center booster in his role as a State Rep. Then in the blink of the eye a civic center sceptic in his role as a DSU employee - you start to get the feeling that this guy has been in Dover for a few terms too many.

Full Disclosure: I live in the 9th and would love to see someone run against this bozo.


Harry Themal tries to sugar-coat it

...but you can't sugar coat the fact that George Bush kicked his faithful servant, Michael Castle, in the balls with the stem cell veto.

Castle's reputation as a man who can get things done has been shredded by Bush.

Castle is impotent. A fact is a fact.


Bush's (Domestic) Blunder # 56,798

Bush's abject failures in foreign policy are getting all the headlines.

So we know that Iraq is FUBAR thanks to Bush, and that he has let The Taliban BACK into Afghanistan, and that he basically let Israel open a can of whip ass on Lebanese civilians, while he let North Korea get a nuclear program.

What about his domestic agenda? How is that working out? For a little taste of how he is doing on the homefront, read Tommywonk on how the IRS is cutting the staff that investigate fraud and abuse among the wealthiest taxpayers.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Spivack Comments Felt at Castle Headquarters

Michael Newbold Castle is supposed to be 10,000 feet tall and unconcerned with what Dennis Spivack says and does. So get a load of the pissy-ass reaction that Joe Ragolsky captured when he asked Castle about this Spivack comment:

"President Bush promised years ago that he would veto this legislation and Mike Castle still decided that Bush was the best man for the job."

Rep. Castle brushes aside the accusations that he blindly follows the president and conservative leaders, pointing to numerous studies that regularly rank him as one of the most moderate members of Congress.

"To say I am not independent is just absurd," the congressman said. "It's so absurd I hope he keeps saying it for the rest of the campaign."

Okay. That "numerous studies" line is just hilarious and gives you an idea of how self-important the guy is (infact he probably reading this right now - Hi Mike!). But the telling part is the pissy little ""It's so absurd I hope he keeps saying it" part.

As I said in an earlier post, when Castle's reaction to Spivack will take place in stages and this is Stage 1: The personal pronoun. Castle can't yet bring himself to use Spivack's name. Saying "Dennis" or "Dennis Spivack" or "Mr. Spivack" is Stage 2. If Castle ever gets Stage 3: The Negative Attack Ad, you know Spivack is within three percentage points.


Ellen Lebowitz Writes the John Kowalko letter to the News Journal that I've been meaning to write

Kowalko deserves credit for full-day kindergarten

It is in no small part due to John Kowalko's efforts that full-day kindergarten is now reality in Delaware. This came two years after state Rep. Stephanie Ulbrich effectively killed a House bill with the option.

Kowalko is running against Ulbrich for the 25th district seat. He formed a coalition to push for this worthwhile program.

With the help of Common Cause of Delaware, the A. Philip Randolph Institute, ACORN and others, Kowalko presented petitions with 800 signatures. He provided nearly 20 studies to the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee showing the beneficial impact of full-day kindergarten.

He debated state Sen. Charles Copeland and Rep. Gregory Lavelle and refuted their weak arguments against it.

Kowalko has been the driving force to passage of S.B. 251. We should all thank him for finally bringing state-funded and statewide availability of full-day kindergarten to all Delaware public schools.

Ellen Lebowitz, Newark

John still has an uphill battle against incumbent Stephanie Ulbrich. I heard Ulbrich on the radio last week and she is nothing is not a smooth politician.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Around the Horn Thursday

Another weekend away from the mothership. But first the news, BERLIN - U.S. and German scientists on Thursday launched a two-year project to decipher the genetic code of the Delawareblogosphere, a feat they hope will help deepen understanding of how modern humans' brains evolved.

Feh! Who needs German scientists?

Sebastian is still gone. (sob)

At Delawarewatch: the ghost dance continues.

Felix (not a racist) at Colossus quotes racists Michel Malkin talking about racist George Bush speaking at the racists NAACP. Long story short: racism.

Dave at First State Politics can't get enough of Joe Lieberman. Dude, is he the "Ferris Wharton" to your "Dana Garrett" or what?

Ryan (yet to enlist) at JTTR is AWOL. Maybe he did enlist? Watch out evil doers, he plays a mean game of RISK.

Karmic Jay might be going to fight the good fight against Dave's favorite Democrat. Give 'em hell Jay.

Donviti says" We are in day two of a possible 3rd day of power outage. Gotta love Chester." Wow. That sucks on so many levels....

Mahaffie is never leaving Vermont.

Tommywonk reports on this quote from Newt Gingrich that I have framed and keep on my desk. "Is the next stage for Condi to go dancing with Kim Jong Il?" Classic! Newt shows he is still crazy and beats up on the adminstration in 12 short words.

Mike M at Down With Absolutes used the words "kerfuffle" and "assholery" in the same post. Double points!!

Who did I leave out? Let me know. Have a good weekend & Peace Out.


Hot Weather

Just finished pimping out the Delawareliberal mobile for the summer.

Sweeeeeet !!


The News Journal Plays Catch-up on the Dean in Wilmington Story

Democratic Party says the event is no big deal.

The event is also a fund-raiser, with tickets for the appearance $50 and $25 for students.

The public appearance is scheduled to be brief -- Alexander Snyder-Mackler, communications director for the state Democratic Party said Dean will be at the Residence at Rodney for just over an hour.

“It’s not a big fund-raiser,” he said. “He’s really coming out here to see how the strategy is going and to meet a few people.”
- Patrick Jackson

I'm not buying it. Dean comming to Wilmington is BIG, (of course I have pictures of Dr. Dean plastering the inside of my locker.)


Night School: Working the Mainstream Media

I love this DFA idea. It is well past the time for liberals to start fighting back.

Sign-up for Night School

We know that the right-wing has dominated the media for decades. It didn't happen overnight and it didn't happen by accident. Now, if we learn the tools, our nationwide grassroots network has a chance to take back our media.

Throughout the summer, DFA Night School will offer three online sessions that will help build your media skills. The sessions combine an online presentation with a live conference call and group discussion with our trainers to show you how to get a progressive message into the media. You can join any or all of the DFA Night School sessions from the comfort of your home or office today. Click here to sign up:

July 25: Working the Mainstream Media
August 8: Sustaining your Media Presence

The events are free of charge and you don't need any prior experience working with the media. Media coverage is one of the best tools we have for spreading our progressive values -- and holding this administration and Congress accountable for their failures.

Click here to find out more and reserve your spot.

We can change our country, but it's going to take a strong ground game and savvy media outreach. You have the power, now get the skills. Thanks for everything you do.


Arshad Hasan
Training Coordinator
Democracy for America


Yo DelDems...WTF?

I'm trying to help you guys out (and taking a bunch of crap for it) so the least you can do is help me, help you. Right?

My first request. Fix this page: Delaware Candidates, State Legislative, by office

I think it would be helpful to have one central place where everyone can get the contact info for the state house races. Is that asking too much?


Republican U.S. Senate candidate Steele to bring "the hood" to Delaware

Maryland Lt. Governor and U.S. Senate candidate Michael Steele will visit the First State on Thursday, July 27th. The event is being held at the Wilmington Drama League at 6:00 PM, and is hosted by TURN, The Underground Republican Network. Call the Delaware GOP for more.reports Dave at FSP

Here is the real skinny on this GOP moron. Steele (a black guy) is one who is the one whose spokesman claimed that "oreos were thick in the air" at a debate at Morgan State. As it turns out, they were imaginary oreos.

More recently, Steele said his U.S. Senate campaign aims to bring "the 'hood" with him to Capitol Hill.

"The 'hood is going to show up on the Hill," said Mr. Steele, a black Republican. "That is what this campaign is all about, and that scares some people when I say stuff like that -- on both sides of the aisle, God bless them."

In reality, he only represents the "hood" when saying, "Get your IPod off the HOOD of my Volvo."

And then he follows it up with THIS gem:

After the speech, Mr. Steele told The Washington Times that his comments were not intended to single out black voters.
"Last time I checked, white people lived in 'hoods, too," he said. "It is the same message for everyone. If you want to start a business, that's not a black thing or a white thing. That's green, baby. That's what that's about." - Via Lunkhead's Diary at Kos

Heck. Maybe I'll go to this train wreck and cover it. I can't wait to see what Mike Castle's face when Steele, once again, compares stem cell research to the Holocaust. It could be fun.


Meanwhile in the "Pro-Life" war in Iraq: 38 more tortured bodies found

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iraqi police found 38 tortured bodies and witnessed the slow release of five hostages amidst general violence throughout Baghdad Thursday.

Iraqi police recovered the 38 bodies showing signs of torture in the capital city during a 24-hour period ending Thursday morning.

I honestly don't know how Tony Snow can live with himself. His smug, smarmy BS is over the line. With regard to the stem cell veto, he actually said: "The simple answer is he thinks murder's wrong, The president is not going to get on the slippery slope of taking something living and making it dead for the purposes of scientific research."

So a blastocyst (that is headed for a trash bin anyway) is more important to the President than 3,000 of our servicemen and countless Iraqi civilians AND "scientific research" does not rate as an excuse to "take something living and make it dead" but idiotic vanity wars are just peachy.

Rage Against the Right adds: More than 14,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq in the first half of this year, an ominous figure reflecting the fact that "killings, kidnappings and torture remain widespread" in the war-torn country, a United Nations report says.

Killings of civilians are on "an upward trend," with more than 5,800 deaths and more than 5,700 injuries reported in May and June alone, it says."

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Spivack on Stem Cells, Castle and Bush

Driving home I had WILM and heard a great clip from Dennis Spivack. That is the good news. The great news is that it was in a news story that called Castle out for being a fraud.

From Spivack's press release:

“The American people have spoken. Our elected representatives – in both chambers – have spoken. And the scientific community has spoken. Everyone is in agreement that these stem cells hold the highest promise for our future. Unfortunately, President Bush and Republicans in Washington would rather play politics and pander to an extreme minority.

Mike Castle has been on the receiving end of a lot of positive attention this week, and the bill is indeed a good one. However, in light of the President’s veto, Mike need look no further than himself for the blame.

As the chairman of President Bush’s re-election campaign here in Delaware and someone who voted with Tom DeLay on four of every five votes, Mike Castle is an enabler and a rubber-stamper. President Bush promised years ago that he would veto this legislation, and Mike Castle still decided he was the best man for the job.

Boohyah !! That's what I'm talking about!


On the Radio Today With Dave From First State Politics and Muqtedar Khan

Dr. Muqtedar Khan is a middle east expert and an assistant professor at the University of Delaware and a non-resident fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington. In a recent editorial he wrote:

"Iran, thanks to America's foolhardy adventure in Iraq, is rapidly emerging as a regional power. It is protecting itself from America's pressure on the nuclear issue by creating a dangerous diversion."

So here is my question for Dr. Khan

Israel, out of necessity, has a very robust intelligence operation. Why did the Israeli leadership decide to allow George Bush to invade Iraq knowing that the intelligence pointing to an Iraq WMD program was dubious at best and completely bogus at worst?


In a way, do you believe that they are now paying a price for making that decision?

UPDATE:Kahn's best line came after we went off the air.

Dace said something ike, "What we need is another JFK type President to make oil a second class energy by having a sort of apollo program for hydrogen, or fuel cells."

Prof. Kahn said, "I agree 100% We need another Democratic President like JFK."


Dr. Dean in Wilmington - THIS IS BIG!

Get off your wallets you cheap SOB's and get to this thing!

DNC-Chairman Gov. Howard Dean is coming to Delaware!

He is on a nationwide tour and will be stopping in Wilmington to see his grassroots 50 State Strategy in action and to talk to Democrats in the First State.

Delaware Democratic Party Chairman John D. Daniello is inviting you to spend an evening with Gov. Dean as he helps us send our campaigns into high gear.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Residences at Rodney Square
902 N. Market Street
Wilmington, DE
4:00pm to 5:15pm
Light Refreshments Will be Served

Tickets: $50
Students are only $25 with a valid Student ID!

For more information, please contact State Party HQ at (302) 328-9036.

Spread the word and please feel free to bring a friend or two!

(Unless maybe you like the Republican style waste fraud and abuse we currently have.)

The Delaware Democratic Party


So who do you like? - The Delawareliberal Presidential Tracking Poll July results

In my very unscientific poll I was looking for two things.

1) Which Presidential candidates get the basic "thumbs-up" from Delawareliberal readers and

2) Which campaigns have some nascent online ground game.

So the poll unfolded in two phases. The results from the first phase were as follows:

Wes Clark 5
Hillary Clinton 2
Russ Feingold 5

John McCain 1
Mitt Romney 3
Jeb Bush 1

In phase two I asked people to email fellow travelers and "freep" the poll for their favorite candidate. Here are the results of that phase:

Wes Clark 19
Hillary Clinton 4
Russ Feingold 25

John McCain 1
Mitt Romney 3
Jeb Bush 1

Clearly Democrats are emailing each other. But even this early on, I'm not surprised that the Clark and Feingold folks were able to beat the bushes for a few votes, after all they have George Bush as a catalyst and constant reminder to keep working.

I am surprised, however, that Romney added zero to his first round total. His is the only campaign with a "Delawareans for _____" blog up and running. (They even have a logo.)

In the next tracking poll I'm going to delete the generic "Don't Know/Other" category and add a "Other Democrat" and an "Other Republican" categories. I'll also continue to put both parties together on the same list to limit voting hijinx by partisans from both sides. I'll also lose the "round one/round two" structure and leave it to everyone to either freep the poll or not.


My first hate mail

"Hate Comment" to be precise, but I'll take it.

I am done with this blog. It is all just such petty little nothing statements solely made to attract conflict (and thus a phony inflation of comments).

This Jason guy is not liberal. He is just another bitch-ass PC Nazi working from the left. Turds like this Delajason are usually weak, effeminate, perpetually-PMSing, and filled to brim with nothing more than reactive negativity and incessant whining.


Actually, make that "Whaaaaaaaaaaaarton!"

Buh-bye, Jasonius Von Nostril.

Happy Donkey EnTrails to you!

I've republished it here in order to to attract conflict (and thus a phony inflation of comments). Thank you unhingded anonymous craze-bag wherever you are.


Unwelcome back rub's and bombings

When you go read Karmic Jay on this, please keep in mind that, in spite of the stem cell veto and all evidence to the contrary, Michael Castle thinks George Bush is doing a great job.

In world news, the fact that President Bush basically declared that Israel should go on bombing Lebanon and trying to pummel Hezbollah for now is getting little attention. "What we recognize is that the root cause of the problem is Hezbollah," said the president. "Sometimes it requires tragic situations to help bring clarity in the international community."

So Bush green-lights bombimg the crap out of civilians and manages to get in some sexual harrasment in the same week. Terrific!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Praise the Lord; Ralph Reed Lost His Primary

Unable to overcome his ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, conceded defeat Tuesday in Georgia's Republican race for lieutenant governor.

The great news for people who long for better goverment is that this defeat (even though it is a primary) will help build a MSM buzz about the end of the "conservative era". It will filter down like that to folks like my in-laws, who don't pay much attention to politics, and help all Democratic candidates in November. Listen for it this Sunday.

All I can say is, better late than never.


Why no outcry over the Rhode Island Primary ?

In Connecticut it is the end of the world because a liberal Democrat is taking on a conservative incumbent Democrat in a primary. However, right next-door in Rhode Island a conservative Republican is about to knock off a moderate incumbent Republican in a primary and yet the national talking heads are silent.

We may very well see Laffey instead of Chafee. The last poll of the Republican primary in Rhode Island, June 19-22, reported a 39-28 race, with Chafee holding the slight lead. But polling this primary presents the same problems pollsters have in polling the primary in Connecticut -- primaries bring out the committed party supporters, and Chafee doesn't get a lot of love from his own party. - Via Kos

If Laffey pulls off an upset (any win against any incumbent is an upset) this would be an easy pick-up for Democrats.


Online betting chief held in US

This is what a police state looks like.

UPDATE: Carruthers seems to have been nabbed in an effort to crack down on exsisting laws, not in an attempt to enforce the will of Congress.

"The online gaming industry has been alive to the risks of dealing with customers in the U.S. because they have known that it may have been illegal,'' Doobay said. ``What they have been comforted by to date is that there hasn't been very much inclination to prosecute in the U.S.''

DAVID Carruthers, chief executive of online gaming group BETonSPORTS, has been detained by US authorities while changing planes.

"While changing flights in the United States en route from the UK to Costa Rica, David Carruthers, chief executive of BETonSPORTS Plc was detained by US federal authorities," the company said in a statement.

Mr Carruthers was in custody in Fort Worth, Texas, after a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Missouri returned a 22-count indictment charging 11 individuals and four corporations on various charges of racketeering, conspiracy and fraud, the US Department of Justice said in a statement. "This indictment is but one step in a series of actions designed to punish and seize the profits of individuals who disregard federal and state laws."

Last week Mr Carruthers told Reuters he thought that a US Republican-written, House of Representatives-approved Bill to crack down on internet gambling by banning banks and credit-card companies from processing the payments was bound to fail due to the mountainous backlog of other US legislation.


Coulter Reception Netted $0 for Beauprez

I take this as a very good sign that people are waking up.

You’re a Republican running for governor of Colorado, it’s the last week of the 1st quarter of election year, and a famous right-wing pundit’s in town -- gotta milk that for all it’s worth, right? If the pundit’s Ann Coulter, maybe not.

But I guess you can’t blame the Beauprez campaign for trying. Back on March 28, when Coulter brought her one-woman standup routine to the Paramount Theater in Denver, she hadn’t quite completed her transition from leggy pundit/author to radioactive slime. So a pre-show meet-greet with the 9/11 Widow Watchdog might still have seemed like a reasonable idea.

“We found out the hard way,” says former Beauprez for Gov campaign chief Steve Truebner, “that Ann Coulter is not a major draw for donors.”

- Via Colorado Confidential


Blogroll Update & Poll

UPDATE: Garrett has just provided a hilarious epilogue to all of this as part of an ongoing effort to bait me into commenting over there. Earth to Dana: It ain't gonna happen. If you read it, do me a favor and don't comment on it. His comments have gone from about 20 per post when I was calling him out on his BS to about 3 per post.

It is clear to me that Dana Garrett is no progressive. Anyone who says that there is no difference between the Republican party and the Democratic party has taken a leap of faith that leaves them impervious to logic, reason and empiricism, the signifiers of the progressive mind. Anyone who thinks that George Bush and Al Gore are just two sides of the same coin is not interested in honest political debate but is off on some ideological flight of fancy.

Delawarewatch claims to be "progressive", and yet the "end state" that Dana is working for is the continuation of the radical right wing governance of the United States. It is that simple. So I've moved the link from "liberal" into the new category you see below.

I'm not interested in sophomoric dorm-room debates or pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking. I'm interested in getting rid of George Bush and Michael Castle. I'm interested in preventing their style of un-American kleptocracy from returning in my children's lifetime. So no more links to Delawarewatch posts, and no more commenting over there. Enough is enough.

Dana is kind of my blog godfather, so this is not some small matter for me. However, if you read some recent Delawarewatch threads you will see that the blog is dedicated to Dana's ego and little else.

right wing dupe.
it's all about the ego.
the heart is in the right place, but...
Free polls from

Monday, July 17, 2006


So who do you like?

UPDATE II: I liked the anon commenter who said, "Greens can participate too, by letting us know which Republican they would like to throw the election to. I'll talk about my methodology - and give some take on the results in a follow-up post. Thanks for voting.

If the election was today, who would you vote for to be the next President of the United States?
Wes Clark
Hillary Clinton
Russ Feingold
Mark Warner
Rudy Guliani
John McCain
Mitt Romney
Jeb Bush
Don't Know / Other
Free polls from

Since I have both conservative and liberal readers I've thrown everyone together. If I left anyone out let me know.


Help a Brother Out

Donviti has been getting his degree and not reading for pleasure for a few years. Now he is finished and going on vacation and needs some book recommendations:

I go on vacation Aug12-19 and plan on reading 1984, other than that I have no idea what to read. I want some good books to read, I have missed out on a lot of good stuff for the past 4 years and have a lot of catching up to do, before I head on for the master in 2007.

Here is the link.

Here is my recommnedation:


AL's show on WDEL

I feel like I just struck a blow for Democracy commenting on Al's show. Did anyone catch it?

PS. If Michael Castle's office was listening...I'm still waiting for an answer. Does Mr. Castle honestly think George Bush is doing a good job or is he just saying that for political reasons ?


The case against a rubber stamp Congress

Spivack needs to turn up the volume and clearly link Castle to Bush and Iraq.

Here Darcy Burner, who is running in WA-08 gets it right in an NPR interview:

We clearly need a Congress that is going to demand a plan for finishing the job and bringing our troops home safely. . . . And at the moment, to be blunt, it looks like the choice is between a Republican policy of indefinite occupation and the demand for a plan to get out, which is what the Democrats would give you. . . . I think the military is much more likely to be able to write a successful plan for disengaging militarily from Iraq than the politicians are. The problem we have right now isn't that the military has in any way failed in their mission. . . . The problem is that we've got politicians in Washington, D.C. interfering with their ability to finish this. . . . At this point they're sitting over there getting shot at because the Republicans in Washington, D.C. can't figure out what their plan is to finish the job and bring them home. That's got to stop. . . . The Republicans have no plan. Their plan right now is indefinite occupation.

"What Burner does most effectively is to take the focus off of the idea that the Democrats have to come up with some sort of plan for Iraq, and to put the onus back onto the administration and the Republican Congress." - Kos

Spivack has served in the Navy and I'v seen him speak to how our troops are being stabbed in the back and hung out to dry by this terrible administration and rubber stamp congress. I just want to hear MUCH more of it.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


NJ's Ron Williams stirs the pot

This Ron Williams graph is burning up the blogosphere:

In the state Senate, the hottest rumors continue to swirl madly around Jim Vaughn of Clayton and President Pro Tem Thurman Adams of Bridgeville. Both have filed candidacies, but suspicions are they will pull out at the last minute. The latest, certifiably unsubstantiated scenario is Rep. Bruce Ennis jumping into Vaughn's spot for the Senate race (this one see-saws weekly), and Kent Recorder of Deeds Betty Lou McKenna running for Ennis' seat.

In Adams' 19th Senate District seat -- he and Vaughn reportedly have a joint retirement pact -- Sussex County Department of Elections chief Ken McDowell will run for the seat. His Republican opponent would be Rep. Joe Booth of Georgetown, the former mayor.

The use if the term "certifiably unsubstantiated scenario" was not enough to prevent Delawarewatch from jumping through the looking glass, spinning this "certifiably unsubstantiated scenario" into an affront to Democracy on the scale of Watergate.

On the other side, this "certifiably unsubstantiated scenario" was enough for First State Poltics to declare a Republican takeover of the DE Senate.

The Delawareliberal take? William's "filings" column ran a few sentences short.

UPDATE: The Delawatch watch. Dana seems to think that Rep. Joe Booth who supports Christianity as the official religion of the IRSD, is some kind of progressive Republican. Either that or Dana has some secret information.


The Republican Vision fo America - WWIII 24/7/365 FOREVER

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich says America is in World War III and President Bush should say so. In an interview in Bellevue this morning Gingrich said Bush should call a joint session of Congress the first week of September and talk about global military conflicts in much starker terms than have been heard from the president.
"We need to have the militancy that says 'We're not going to lose a city,' " Gingrich said. He talks about the need to recognize World War III as important for military strategy and political strategy.

Gingrich said he is "very worried" about Republican's facing fall elections and says the party must have the "nerve" to nationalize the elections and make the 2006 campaigns about a liberal Democratic agenda rather than about President Bush's record.

Shorter Newt: It's important to start World War III, otherwise the Democrats will win the midterms in 2006 and the Republican Congress will not be able to prevent America from losing a city.


Friday, July 14, 2006


Most Americans plan to vote for Democrats

...that is a the Yahoo news headline, not mine.

WASHINGTON (AP)- Republicans are in jeopardy of losing their grip on Congress in November. With less than four months to the midterm elections, the latest Associated Press-Ipsos poll found that Americans by an almost 3-to-1 margin hold the GOP-controlled Congress in low regard and profess a desire to see Democrats wrest control after a dozen years of Republican rule.

Further complicating the GOP outlook to turn things around is a solid percentage of liberals, moderates and even conservatives who say they'll vote Democratic. The party out of power also holds the edge among persuadable voters, a prospect that doesn't bode well for the Republicans.

I'm outta here for real this time. Have a good weekend. Peace out !


Travel Day - Light Posting

I'm off to a secret meeting with George Soros. While I'm out read the Tommywonk post on the Lafffer curve. It is the Laffer curve post I've been meaning to write, only much better.

This chart does not say it all.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Idealists wanted apply here

I think that the Delawarewatch interview with Michael Berg is compelling reading. My comments there were a kind of begining of a thought which I'll try to work through here.


DG: Some people believe that voting for a Green Party candidate is a wasted vote. If anything, it only ensures that a more undesirable candidate wins the race.

Some people believe that because they have seen it played out. Some people find it easier to believe thier own eyes than in Green Party wishful thinking.

But you know what the bigger point is...what a waste. Mr. Berg and Dana could have a real impact on the Democratic party if they ever decided to work for peace in social justice in more practical ways.

The Democrats are not the party they should be with the Garretts and Bergs of the world on on the sidelines. We are not the party we should be becuase we need our idealists. The Republicans have thier idealists, but their distopian ideals are as selfish, pessimistic and dark as Dana's and Mr. Berg's ideals are selfless, optimistic and bright.

I don't know how we win back the Berg's and the Garrett's of the world. Trying to build a case does not seem to work and pissy haraguing REALLY does not seem to work. (Go figure!) Maybe I'm not the right guy to try to win back anyone to the Democratic party, but somebody better get working on it. The distopian idealists on the other side are in the driver's seat and don't show any signs of slowing down.


Around the Horn Friday - The Early Edition

I'm on the road tomorrow, so get your Delawareblogosphere and wild rice casserole while it is hot!

Sebastian is mercurial. Now you see him. Now you don't. Here is to hoping that he is just on one of his 3-4 month sabaticals.

The Spivack campaign has press releases and everything. Andrew at spivackforcongress might not have been cc'd on that.

Delawarewatch...(big sigh...shakes head) I have to admit that part of me enjoys being the subject of a Delawarewatch thread. Is that wrong?

Hube at Colossusis for handmarked paper ballots. Me too! Don't worry, the détente will probably be over by this time next week.

My radio partner at First State Politics can't get enough of this bogus Laffer Curve stuff. Here, read a real economist, not the RNC shill Larry Kudlow and get back to me.

Ryan (yet to enlist) at JTTR continues to amuse with his geopolitical acumen. "India is a strategic partner in more than just the GWOT. They can balance China." In his dorm room that sentence is usually followed by "Dude, I know. But if I invade from Kamchatka and hold South America for another round - you are toast!" (Note: This is a reference to the board game RISK for those of you who studied in College.)

Karmic Jay provides a longer section of Keith Olbermann's interview with John Dean. Here is the money regarding Bush requiring an enemy:

DEAN: It is one of the things, believe it or not, that still holds conservatism together. There is many factions in conservatism and their dislike or hatred of those they portray as liberal, who will basically be anybody who disagrees with them, is one of the cohesive factors.

Donviti has a story about an Allstate isurance company gasoline give away where everyone went all Republican on each other.

Mahaffie is napping in a hammock in Vermont right now.

Unlike her posts, Jaime Anne's tenure at Down With Absolutes was short and sweet.

Have a good weekend. Peace Out.


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