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Sunday, July 30, 2006



I don't care how you try to rationalize this. Our foriegn policy is now: It is okay to kill women and children.

"The death toll in the Lebanese village of Qana passed 60, including 37 children.

NOTE: I was going to post a picture to go along with this post but it was frankly impossible to find one that was not utterly horrifying.

I hold Delaware's entire Congressional delegation; Biden, Carper and Castle in utter and complete contempt.

"I hold Delaware's entire Congressional delagation; Biden, Carper and Castle in utter and complete contempt...I hold Delaware's entire Congressional delagation (sic); Biden, Carper and Castle in utter and complete contempt"

Why would you do that...? Did they manipulate the actors in this aggression...?

Now I know that Joe Biden has more gravitas than even the official Secretary of State when it comes to foreign affairs matters, but does he really have any influence with Hamas/Hezbollah and Isreal...? Tom and Mike probably have even less pull, I would think.

Our forces aren't in Lebanon or northern Isreal, so you must not know what you are discussing.

Take a few minutes and consult with your superiors @ dkos. Get back to us when the ecstasy wears off.
Sorry I missed the first "delagation"... I should have indicated a (sic) after that as well. My apologies.
Sorry about the spelling error. I had just seen a picture of a healess baby with a stump of meat where his neck was.

President Bush proudly declared that American foreign policy no longer seeks to “manage calm,” and derided policies that let anger and resentment lie “beneath the surface.” Bush said that the violence in the Middle East was evidence of a more effective foreign policy that addresses “root causes.”

Hurray for America. Hurray snarky BS from uncle Vanya while babies get there heads torn off!!!
Hitler, Stalin, Bush, Pol Pot were all cut from the same cloth. And all who have enabled them including Biden, Carper, and Castle. They should swim in the blood of their victims.
It continually amazes me that your outrage is not directed at HIZBOLLAH -- which PURPOSEFULLY hides among civilians and PURPOSEFULLY launches many (most?) of their missiles from civilian areas and PURPOSEFULLY dress as civilians all so as to PURPOSEFULLY target civilians in Israel for the express purpose of PURPOSEFULLY destroying that country.

You honestly do not think Israel is sorrowful for what occurred today? That they do not regret it? That they did not do what they could to avoid it?

Now consider if it happened in reverse. That would have been EXACTLY what Hizbollah planned -- the deaths of as many Israeli civilians as possible, PERIOD.

This is where your silly naked partisanship goes beyond just merely laughable to totally disgusting.
My contempt is non-partisan on this issue. Although I think Bush clearly deserves the lion share of the contempt.

Where once America had the moral standing to denounce terrorism regardless of the source, now we are terrorists in our own right in Iraq and eager partners with Israel in their terror operation on the people of Lebanon.


How many Lebanese children should Israel kill for every Israeli child thaty is killed? 20? 100?

I'm just wondering.
George W. Bush encouraged Isreal to act against Hizbollah from the safety of using air power.

As almost always, throughout the last century, if that's the only real plan, it fails -- and fails spectacularly:

Fair or not (and in this case it is quite fair) Isreal's war crimes, be they sins of omission or commission are ours -- they are our surrogates at least as much as Hizbollah is claimed to be Irans by Clusterfuck McBunnypants.
Our foriegn policy is now: It is okay to kill women and children.

I don't like this foreign policy any better than the old one (still widely popular) which says: "It's okay to kill Jewish women and children. And if the Jews fight back, you get an automatic time-out to reload."

Anyway Jason, your outrage and digust is better late than never. Don't lose any of that outrage; just make sure you apply it to both sides.

I blame Carper, Biden, Clinton, Castle, Bush, Kofi, you, and me and anybody else who stood around thumb-in-ass while Hezbollah installed thousands of Iranian rocket launchers and swore death to Israeli.
Thanks for the link to the other death facilitated by George Bush and this meek Congress. I know you are not saying that every Jewish baby killed requires 15 or so Arab dead babies to set the scales to balance - but I get the point.
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