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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Cohen-ventional Wisdom

Read Grapevine if you want a good recap of the filings from the institutional perspective.

Celia gets her routine B- from me for her workmanlike insider-y take on the races to watch.

She lost points for miss calling the 20th RD (Richard J. Korn vs. Brian N. Moore or Nick Manolakos) as "Safe Republican" when that open seat race is clearly a "toss-up" and calling the 25th RD (John Kowalko vs. Stephanie A. Ulbrich) as "Safe Republican" when that is a "Leans Republican". Otherwise completely adequate.

you gets what you gets paid for???
i disagree with the 14th SD, 20th RD, and 1st SD.

what does this broad do for a living?
Cohen lives with another broad and is PAID to write everything she writes. The real question is WHO's PAYING HER?
Cohen lives with another broad

You win for the stupidest and most useless comment ever made at Delawareliberal
RE; The 1st Senate. If Nixon could knock off Chambers in the primary - that race would get VERY interesting.
Hey, get with the lingo. She's GAY.
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