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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Nagle Could Not Round Up 5,000 People Who Want Her to Run...

so even after having won the right to not pay the filing fee on the grounds that she is destitute, she is going to pay anyway.

I love the fact that Patrick Jackson caught this:

By paying her filing fee, however, Hartley-Nagle may ultimately assist Spivak’s campaign.

Under Delaware law, filing fees are paid to the state but returned to political parties for their use. Because Spivack is the endorsed Democratic candidate, the party could use the fees to support him.

As I've said all along. I don't mind the primary - but if you lose you should not be able to have the option of running as a member of the "I-want-a-do-over Party".

oh come on Jason...Calio gave his opinion at the very last minute...and she already had the number of petioners that she had been told she needed just a few days ago..

then she was told that she'd need more than twice that number so what's the deal....someone gave her the bucks instead of risking the chance that this wonderful candidate would not get the last minute petitioners...certainly I would have signed on...
The anon donner might not have been as optimistic as you about the signatures.

Anyway - I don't have a problem with the primary, just the fact that she is also running as a candidate for another party.

That is cheating.
At least Spivack will be able to raise money for a primary now as well as for the general election. That means people can give twice as much!
Cheating? not so sure...
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