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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


On the Radio Today With Dave From First State Politics and Muqtedar Khan

Dr. Muqtedar Khan is a middle east expert and an assistant professor at the University of Delaware and a non-resident fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington. In a recent editorial he wrote:

"Iran, thanks to America's foolhardy adventure in Iraq, is rapidly emerging as a regional power. It is protecting itself from America's pressure on the nuclear issue by creating a dangerous diversion."

So here is my question for Dr. Khan

Israel, out of necessity, has a very robust intelligence operation. Why did the Israeli leadership decide to allow George Bush to invade Iraq knowing that the intelligence pointing to an Iraq WMD program was dubious at best and completely bogus at worst?


In a way, do you believe that they are now paying a price for making that decision?

UPDATE:Kahn's best line came after we went off the air.

Dace said something ike, "What we need is another JFK type President to make oil a second class energy by having a sort of apollo program for hydrogen, or fuel cells."

Prof. Kahn said, "I agree 100% We need another Democratic President like JFK."

"decide to allow George Bush to invade Iraq"

Decide to allow it? They practically engineered it. Just like they did with 9-11.

They were literally dancing in the street watching the Twin Towers ablaze :

What's the motto of Mossad? : "By way of deception, thou shalt do war".

You got that right.

We need to realize that the Israelis and Jewish people are not the same thing. You can be opposed to what many call the 'Zionists' and the Israel apologists without being an anti-semite. That is a manipulation used to get mileage for Israel by using holocaust sympathy.

I used to think this talk of 'Zionists' was bunch of baloney, but damned if the world's constant wars and strife haven't served every one of the things their detractors say they are after, and by the exact means that say the 'Zionists' will use --- ANY.

I have to question a government with an intelligence/assassination agency that literally puts the word 'deception' right in their motto.

It makes it a bit oxymoronic to try to credit them for this motto by saying : 'at least they are honest'
I'd be curious to hear the answer to the first question, alas I can't get WILM in my office. Can you give us a summation of his response?
Nice. Just what we need -- another "Jewish conspiracy" idiot spewing the usual garbage.
I've read some of Khan's dreck before. And it's pretty much all garbage.
hmm, JFK cut taxes and was a HAWK on defense... doesn't sound like any dem running today or in 08.
Mike M got any links? is his "dreck" online?

Just Google his name. Plenty of BS will pop-up. Typical anti-semetic BS that should be expected from a Muslim fanatic.
I think you used anti-semetic when you meant anti-Israel.

Anyway, I found him to be very rational and a strong supporter of Israeli's right to live happy, unmolested lives within the 1967 bounderies.
Nope...I know the distinction between the two. Others may not, but I do.
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