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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Enough talk - time for a little poltical action here in Delaware

In Congress right now it is nearly the end of a slow lazy July. Iraq is FUBAR, but what else is new? The Iraq war appears to be all but forgotten and Congress seems to be content to ignore it. So let's wake some people up and remind them that they screwed up and that we don't like it. It is about time for a little anti-war/pro-accountabilityon-line activism.

If you agree that there has been NO ACCOUNTABILITY in Washington on Iraq and Bush's ongoing screw-ups, please take a moment to do something about it.

Hold your Representative in Congress, Michael Newbold Castle, accountable his pro-Iraq war/pro-Bush votes* by calling his office and asking a his staffer a simple question:

Something to the effect...

As a constituent I was wondering...Does Mr. Castle feel he owes Delawareans an apology for supporting President Bush ? or Does Mr. Castele regret having served as a Bush's Delaware campaign chair, and helping elect Bush to two terrible terms as President?

It is that simple - call and ask if Castle is ready to apologize.

Here are the numbers. I'm calling now and will report his repsonse.

Wilmington Office
(302) 428-1902

Dover Office
(302) 736-1666

(302) 856-3334

Washington Office
(202) 225-4165

When you call, please be polite. I'm hoping for 50 calls. (I know that is ambitious, but you need goals in life right?)

Take the poll if you called. Email this link to any Delawarean you know who thinks someone (at long last) should be held accountable for the FIASCO that is the Bush Presidency.

Which of Michael Castle's offices did you call to ask if he is ready to apologize for supporting Bush?
Free polls from


Castle's Iraq votes:

Voted YES on authorizing military force in Iraq & for the President's free hand in any issue related to national security. Reference: Bill sponsored by Hastert,R-IL; Bill HJRes114 ; vote number 2002-455 on Oct 10, 2002 ; Result: Resolution Passed 296-133

Voted YES on approving removal of Saddam & The War in Iraq Anniversary resolution. Bill H Res 557 ; vote number 2004-64 on Mar 17, 2004 ; Result: Bill Adopted 327-93: R 222-2; D 105-90

Voted YES on declaring Iraq part of War on Terror with no exit date. Bill HRES 861 ; vote number 2006-288 on Jun 12, 2006 ; Result: Resolution Passed: 256-153

What about the 105 D's on HR 557 and the 42 D's on HRes 861 who voted yea? Do they need to go, too?
I have the sad misfortune of living in Castle's district, so I can only do what I can do.
Also, Bush lost Delaware both times, so what does Castle need to apologize for again?
Christy in Dover did not have an opinion on whether Castle owed the people of Delaware an apology.
Ian in Wilmington "serves at the pleasure of the Congressman" so did not have an opinion.
I agree that Castle owes any number of apologies for his voting record BUT what about Tom Carper's vote yesterday in favor or S. 403? Doesn't Carper need to apologize too? Does he get a pass simply because he's a democrat? And before you jump on me for that statement, I guarantee that I'm as progressive/liberal/whatever as you are. Castle was wrong for standing with his party on Iraq. Likewise, Carper was wrong for pandering to the religious right on S. 403.
I think we need to focus our energy right now. The other side banks on the fact that we can;t get anything going because of our eagerness to attack each other.

Carper will get his calls & polls, I promise.

Right now make that quick call and let me know which office you called.

So, no answers for me?

You're like that little tick that won't give up in regards to the Castle camp. Your tenacity must be annoying the shit out of them...but I'm loving it!
You should read the email I just wrote to his press secretary. I'll post it when this current on-line hissy fit runs it's course.
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