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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Spivack Comments Felt at Castle Headquarters

Michael Newbold Castle is supposed to be 10,000 feet tall and unconcerned with what Dennis Spivack says and does. So get a load of the pissy-ass reaction that Joe Ragolsky captured when he asked Castle about this Spivack comment:

"President Bush promised years ago that he would veto this legislation and Mike Castle still decided that Bush was the best man for the job."

Rep. Castle brushes aside the accusations that he blindly follows the president and conservative leaders, pointing to numerous studies that regularly rank him as one of the most moderate members of Congress.

"To say I am not independent is just absurd," the congressman said. "It's so absurd I hope he keeps saying it for the rest of the campaign."

Okay. That "numerous studies" line is just hilarious and gives you an idea of how self-important the guy is (infact he probably reading this right now - Hi Mike!). But the telling part is the pissy little ""It's so absurd I hope he keeps saying it" part.

As I said in an earlier post, when Castle's reaction to Spivack will take place in stages and this is Stage 1: The personal pronoun. Castle can't yet bring himself to use Spivack's name. Saying "Dennis" or "Dennis Spivack" or "Mr. Spivack" is Stage 2. If Castle ever gets Stage 3: The Negative Attack Ad, you know Spivack is within three percentage points.

You are a "stage 4" idiot. Castle has not given this challenger two-minute's worth of thought.
I think the 'studies' he's referring to are the ratings done by groups like the American Conservative Union, the American Family Association and the Club for Growth, which constantly rate him as a moderate.

It really is absurd.
You know what I think is "absurd"?

Still thinking that George Bush is doing a good job is absurd. Even you know Bush is doing a terrible job, and yet Castle clings to this fantasy.

As for Castle not thinking about Spivack two-minute's worth of thought - I sure hope he isn't giving Spivack any thought. All the better.
I can see where Castle really doesn't have time to think about Spivack. Right now Castle's top priority is finding another guaranteed dead-on-arrival issue to play "moderate" on.
Some ideas:

Prison reform.

Bike lanes, lots and lots of bike lanes.

"Collect then all" quarters that teach kids to memorize the periodic table of elements (or bible verses - if you believe in the separation of science and state.)

Socialized medicine (Free abortions and sex changes all around!)

More "studies" that show who is the "Bestest Moderate of Them All!"
Maybe Mike is squeezing his eyes tight shut and wishing Dennis would go away..but more likely he is wishing that of Jason and DE Liberal!!
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