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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Note to News Journal Headline writers

When you write,

Hollywood actress shooting film in Delaware make us all sound like a bunch of gap-toothed yokels.

I mean what's wrong with the tried and true "Hollywood on the Brandywine" ?

WNJ has become a very tired shell of what it once was. Aside from the reporting that is increasingly repetitive of other sources and more biased than objective, what the F happened to that whole comic strip vote and the eventual replacement of Peanuts (ad nauseum), and...oh, I don't know...Family Circus? That's right, Jeffy, Barfy is dead. "Not me! I didn't kill him, Kitty Kat did!"
Aerosmith cover band...
I miss all the fun.
We just had a video shoot at my neighborhood liquor store, Suburban Liquors, who knew?
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