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Monday, July 31, 2006


Tom Tomorrow Interviews Dave From First State Politics a typical conservative delawareliberal reader.

Click on the picture for a larger (readable) version.

But I don't listen to Sean Hannity. You see, there's this great show on WILM called "Money and Politics in Delaware" at 3, and.....
Hannity sucks. Damn neocons.
Hannity is evil incarnate.

I just downloaded an article that talks about Hannity regular and American icon, Olly North-gater, who is saying that the Israelis DID NOT ATTACK QUAN..oh no, they could not be responsible for the citizen slaughter of 37 kids and many of their mom's cowering in a basement.

Nwa.....must be that the Lebonese bombed themselves just to blame it on Israel....shit these guys will think up anything to continue to support this heavy-handed attack on innocents.

Yes, we all are aware that the terrorists are hiding among the innocent....but Olly goes out on the proverbial limb here once again....lying his ass off...moral relativism a la rightwingnut.

Hey Jason, I was talking to Dennis Spivack yesterday at a Wilmington West End Crime meeting and he wants to meet you....
Nancy, don't you know the secret?

"jason" is Dennis Spivack.

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