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Friday, July 28, 2006


My morning call to Castle's office

Oh lord it was funny, get a load of this...

So I called (202) 225-4165 as I have been doing for the past couple of mornings and this time got a nice young woman named Jenna.

Jenna: Good morning Congressman Castle's office, this is Jenna.
Me: Good morning Jenna, this is Jason Scott. How are today?
Jenna:Fine thanks!
Me: Great. Jenna. I sent an email to Elizabeth Swenk and to Kaitlin that right Hoffman?
Me: Well I did not get a reponse and I was wondering...they must work for someone, like a chief of staff or something, and I was wondering if I could get that email as well.
Jenna:Sure is it Mike Quarantnta...or I can just check if Elizabeth is in...?
Me: Yeah sure that would be great.

[This is where it gets good - because Swenk WAS PISSED to be on the phone with me. Jenna is probably getting her ass reamed as I write this because here is how my conversation with Swenk went down.]

Swenk: Hello. (She starts out nice and normal sounding.)
Me: Hi, this is Jason Scott. I've written you a couple of emails and I was wondering if you got them.
Swenk: (All of a sudden she is very pissed at being on the phone with me) No.
Me: Really? They were about whether Mr. Castle is going to a apologize for supporting Bush?
Swenk: (total frosty ice princess) ...yes...
Me: So, it kinda rings a bell?
Swenk: (Thinking, I am going to KILL Jenna!) Yes.
Me: Well, now that we are kind of "face to face" maybe you can just tell me...?
Swenk: No.
Me: But you'll respond to the emails now, I guess...? Now that you remember them.
Swenk: Yes.
Me: Okay thanks! That would be great!
Swenk: Goodbye. [Click]

There is no way in hell she is going to respond to my questions. Which provides me with another important lesson: you have to be able to lie to work for Castle.

NOTE:I hope Jenna does not get into real trouble over this. I have to say that all of Castle's young phone people; Matt, Ian, Jenna, anyone I've forgotten - have been nothing but nice and helpful. It is just the higher-ups who are snots.

I think you have to be able to spin, lie, and deflect to work with any Congressperson.
Mike M -

I wish I had an audio, because the frosty-ness nearly froze my ear off.

I'm sure she is used to using that ice-bitch act to bully people and shut them down. I found it hilarious and almost started laughing while I was on the phone.
How dare she put a call through from a mere "voter"! She should be canned. [/sarcasm]
People in public office get enough cranks calling as it is. It is a miracle that they have time to deal with real constituent concerns like Social Security, Medicaid, etc. with cranks like Jason calling.

Your little cheap stunt may give you endless amusement, but for Castle's staffers trying to help granny in Seaford with FEMA flood money assistance, you're just a pain in the ass.

I suggest you call Mike and Jane at home some evening when they can focus on your important questions. I'm sure you'll get a thoughtful response.
yes, Jason. Pick on the pol not the hired help.
Your little cheap stunt may give you endless amusement, but for Castle's staffers trying to help granny in Seaford with FEMA flood money assistance, you're just a pain in the ass.

Boo hoo....I'm a constituent too, and I have a legitimate question for Castle that I want answered.

Maybe granny will reconsider he vote when she knows is Castle regrets having supported George Bush TWICE.
Vanya is essentially correct, Jase. C'mon, you gotta admit that your question on its face is silly, and it just might be known among Castle's office staff how severely partisan you are.
Jason -

You know full well your question isn't legitimate. You disagree with the Congressman's position. Fine. You have expressed that fact, both artfully on your blog, and hamhandedly by making repeated pestering phone calls to staffers. But if I was to, daily, request in your comments section that you stop acting like a fool, I wouldn't be trying to elicit response to a legitimate question, I'd be a troll.

See above re: judgement. Why don't you ask him and get an answer? - maybe Mrs. Wenk will return your emails.

That would end this.
I support President Bush in the great job he is doing in the GWOT. He and I have our differences over some aspects of domestic policy, but I think he is a great president.
Thanks for reading the blog m. But how do I know you are THE Mike Castle?

I know...back in 1973 THE Mike Castle and I spent many nights getting high in his office and talking about this band?

If you are THE Mike Castle I will accept your reply as genuine.
Just be sure you call Mike and Jane at home when you are sober. I'll wait for the "transcript" on your blog later.

Good luck. "Speak Truth to Power" as you young turks are fond of saying.

Oh yeah, make sure you post your drivel on dkos.
That had not occured to me - but if some anon commenter thinks Castle will take my call at his home, then that is all the green light I need. I guess I'll call.

Do you happen to have his home number?
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