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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Mark your calendar

Starting this week, poltical events start bumping into each other. Make sure you plan in advance.

Tomorrow, July 26th: If you think Bush's war in Iraq is complete Bullshit and Michael Castle is a useless rubber stamp for the adminstration, stay tuned for a quick little online Anti-war/Pro-Accountability event that Delawareliberal is sponsoring.

This Thursday, July 27th: Two fundraisers that I wish I could get to. 1) A Breakfast Fundraiser for Jeanine Kleimo, 25 W. Loockerman Street, Dover. 7:30am. Suggested donation of $50. Hosted by the Hon. Valerie Woodruff, Secretary of Education. To RSVP, please call Cheryl O'Connor at (302) 697-3363. Kleimo is a great candidate in the 34th south of Dover. If you live in Kent County you need to help her out.

2)Fundraiser for Rep. Helene Keeley Pan Tai Restaurant, 837 N. Union Street, Wilmington. 5:30pm to 7:30pm. $100. Please make checks payable to: Committee to Re-Elect Keeley. Keely is an incumbent, so not as much help is required - but I love Thai food, so this one jumped out at me.

This Friday, July 28: Is the deadline to file for a Statewide Office, General Assembly, or a County Office. So if you are going to put your money where your mouth is and run for State Rep, get to the Commissioner of Elections Office with a check.

This Saturday, July 29th 9am-12pm: The "DEMOCRATIC REUNION" event that Mike M blogged about at Down With Absolutes. This one is at the Brew Haha! Cafe in Branmar Plaza Hosted by 11th Representative District Candidate Eric Levin, 5th Senate District Candidate Patricia Morrison and US Congressional Candidate Dennis Spivack. It is only one of many "DEMOCRATIC REUNION" events, so check the DelDems page for others. I like this one because Levin, Morrison, and Spivack are three of the most progressive people runing this year.

Next Tuesday, Aug 1st: This is the big one. Gov. Howard Dean Visits Delaware! Residences at Rodney Square, 902 N. Market Street, Wilmington. 4pm to 5:15pm. $50 for adults, $25 for students with valid student ID. Please make checks payable to: The Delaware Democratic Party. For tickets, call ahead to State Party HQ at (302) 328-9036, email to RSVP. The 50 state strategy is kicking ass. Just look at how the Dems are killing the Republicans this year in candidate recruitment and fundraising. So, show Howard some love.

Next Wednesday, Aug 2st: Help take over the Democratic Party. Seriously. If you think the party has gone too middle of the road and needs to get back to its core liberal values join the Progressive Democrats for Delaware.

I am thinking of going to brew ha ha. But don't know a soul. Anyone going?
I'm going, and Mike M said he was going - but that might have been the vodka talking.
I think I'll do the Branmar-Spivack thing, the Lantana-Korn thing and the Riverfront-Biden thing. Maybe we can meet up?? If I bring Dana along, will you two play nice?
If he asks me about the mythological "progressive Republican register of wills" I might go into an in a obscenity laced rant.

Otherwise, I'll be the gentleman my mother raised me to be.
Obscenity-laced rants are good things, as Martha would say.
Wht's this whole Dana thing? I guess I gotta go read previous posts..
Don't bother. It really is not very interesting.
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