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Thursday, July 27, 2006


The Rude Pundit's Funny Take on Michael Steele

Republicans Running From Bush, Part 3 - Wherein Michael Steele Meets Karl Rove's Sodomizin' Stormtroopers:

In the annals of punk-ass bitchery - an encyclopedic collection of toadies, cavers, and cowerers - an entire page will be devoted to Maryland's Lieutenant Governor and Republican Senate Candidate Michael Steele. For, indeed, if evolution worked the way Michael Steele does, early humans would have stood upright, bumped into a tree limb, and decided it was better to slink around hunched over. Surely, that is what Steele would have done, considering his collapse from mensch to putz in a little less than 48 hours.

Read the whole thing, [WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE AND THEMES] and remember that Steele is bringing "da hood" as well as his unique brand of "punk-ass bitchery " to Delaware tonight!

The Underground Republican Network of Delaware
Wilmington Drama League 6:00pm
10 Lea Blvd. (near Market Street)

I guess he'll be walking funny for a while.
You are a racist bigot.
If you mean that I don't like white guys like Karl Rove - you are right, although I don;t think it has to do with the fact that he is white.

I think it is more to do with the fact that he is evil.
I think what anon was saying is that by stating that Steele will be bringing "da hood", you summarily dismiss the contributions that a successful black officeholder might offer.
Ok, a BLACK officeholder is EVIL because he is a successful Republican?

You are a partisan and bigotted racist.

This is the worst garbage I've ever read on this blog.

Try to spin your way out of that you loser.
That was Steele who said he was bringing the "hood". See this earlier post sand get your act together befor you start throwing the word racists around.

"The 'hood is going to show up on the Hill," said Mr. Steele, a black Republican. "That is what this campaign is all about, and that scares some people when I say stuff like that -- on both sides of the aisle, God bless them."

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