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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Yo DelDems...WTF?

I'm trying to help you guys out (and taking a bunch of crap for it) so the least you can do is help me, help you. Right?

My first request. Fix this page: Delaware Candidates, State Legislative, by office

I think it would be helpful to have one central place where everyone can get the contact info for the state house races. Is that asking too much?

DE Party DEMs are too busy spending money on.....what exactly???
They put that information in the Precinct Legislature spot or you could just roll with our endorsed candidates page. Being the only real primaries going on right now are for dipinto's seat and McDowell's.

They're spending money on more technology although no blog yet. Even though I've heard that the gov has one. O and most money get's spent during the period after labour day and until Election day.

Also Nancy we have Democratic Reunions all over Delaware on July 29th. Pick one and attend.
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