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Friday, July 14, 2006


Travel Day - Light Posting

I'm off to a secret meeting with George Soros. While I'm out read the Tommywonk post on the Lafffer curve. It is the Laffer curve post I've been meaning to write, only much better.

This chart does not say it all.

Answer, Jason: Is it better to vote for a crooked, conservative Democrat than a honest, progressive Republican?
dg, isn't this the same behavior that caused you to declare Delathought a troll and to blackmail him from the blogosphere?

did you forget to take your 4pm pill?
A cowardly anonymous commenter deigns to call someone w/ the integrity to post under his own name a troll? LOL!

But it's nice spin though. It's too bad you left out the part how I asked DT several times to stop posting at my sites before I made the declaration.
all this self proclaimed integrity reminds me of the used car salesman who calls himself "Honest Joe"...
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