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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Ellen Lebowitz Writes the John Kowalko letter to the News Journal that I've been meaning to write

Kowalko deserves credit for full-day kindergarten

It is in no small part due to John Kowalko's efforts that full-day kindergarten is now reality in Delaware. This came two years after state Rep. Stephanie Ulbrich effectively killed a House bill with the option.

Kowalko is running against Ulbrich for the 25th district seat. He formed a coalition to push for this worthwhile program.

With the help of Common Cause of Delaware, the A. Philip Randolph Institute, ACORN and others, Kowalko presented petitions with 800 signatures. He provided nearly 20 studies to the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee showing the beneficial impact of full-day kindergarten.

He debated state Sen. Charles Copeland and Rep. Gregory Lavelle and refuted their weak arguments against it.

Kowalko has been the driving force to passage of S.B. 251. We should all thank him for finally bringing state-funded and statewide availability of full-day kindergarten to all Delaware public schools.

Ellen Lebowitz, Newark

John still has an uphill battle against incumbent Stephanie Ulbrich. I heard Ulbrich on the radio last week and she is nothing is not a smooth politician.

Interesting that you overlooked the letter below it:

Christina District crisis colors Kowalko's candidacy

John Kowalko, the Democratic candidate running against Stephanie Ulbrich in the 25th Representative District, must find himself in a tight spot.

His wife holds one of the highly paid administrative posts created by former superintendent Joe Wise in the Christina School District, which by contract lasts until 2008. Before that, she was a member of the school board which gave Wise everything he asked for.

Voters want to know what is Kowalko's position now on this crisis. Holding his wife's former boss or even his wife accountable wouldn't be very comfortable. I suppose that is why he feels that our tax dollars should used to bail out the district.

Right now the consequences fare being borne by the teachers, paraprofessionals, secretaries and taxpayers in the district. Is he comfortable with that?

Harrie Ellen Minnehan, Newark
is kowolko the guy who is out campaigning while recieving a disability check instead of working?
I freely volunteered that my wife was indeed the manager of the highly appreciated and successful gifted and talented program.

If my wife is to be held accountable for something, it should be for the successful implementation of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model in the Christina District.

The attempt to connect me with the school district crisis is obviously motivated by the writer's association with Rep. Ulbrich rather than by logic. The writer could just as well have asked for accountability on the part of Ulbrich, who serves as vice-chair of the House Education committee.

John Kowalko, Newark

I'm good with that.
yes, that is a point well taken by John here.
My only critique is that a Burris had to balance out the presentation of what appeared in that day's editorial page, Jason.
You and Dana both erred there by the posting of one of the two letters, IMHO, it just didn't come off well.
And a Burris!!!! That was the revelation of the day for me, who knew...not me.
Nancy -

Watch Fox news if you want balance. I'm about the Dems - I thought I made that clear.
Ah, Nancy must be running around with preconcieved notions. What am I supposed to read into that?
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Mr. Kowalko is the same man who abandoned a wife and child 30 some years ago...but now his platform is family and no child left behind...what about your child???? You never supported your family...but now it's a political platform for you??? the only word I can think of.
By the way, in his first run he also had a gag order implemented against his daughter Juliann O'Brien from his first marriage. If he was really a man of character and strong morals, what does he have to hide.
Where did the information that there was a gag order come from?
And the people voted him in even though he is a deadbeat dad. Wonder if he will abandon his position when he gets bored with it?
Anyone notice that Juliann O'Brien is off of his wesite now? Wonder why?
He abandoned his first wife and child and disappeared. They had no money, no health insurance, house in danger of foreclosure.....Family Values platform?!?! I agree, he is a hyprocrite
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