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Monday, July 24, 2006


Cathcart a racist?...maybe, a dumbass?...clearly.

Dick Cathcart (R-9th) finds himself in the papers twice in the same month. This most recent mention:

"A white state legislator who works for Delaware State University promoted a white employee over a qualified black employee, a federal lawsuit against the historically black school alleges.

Associate Vice President for Business Services Richard C. Cathcart recommended the white employee be promoted despite having disciplined him on multiple occasions, according to the lawsuit that DSU facilities employee Rory Lewis filed last week in U.S. District Court in Wilmington." bad enough - but when consider it along side the earlier "civic center" story in which he plays both sides of the street within 5 short paragraphs; first a civic center booster in his role as a State Rep. Then in the blink of the eye a civic center sceptic in his role as a DSU employee - you start to get the feeling that this guy has been in Dover for a few terms too many.

Full Disclosure: I live in the 9th and would love to see someone run against this bozo.

This from the district where Middletown parade officials were called prejudice for putting the AA woman politician in the last car.....
Plus a good friend from the area declares that Cathcart turned Incumbent within 6 months of taking office....stopped taking her calls, etc...just sayin'

I wonder what the hell folks get fed down there? Is it in the water or just in the carrying of water, someone's water.....
The article leaves out one fact in the ridiculous lede -- was the white person qualified as well??
The guy seems to have been disciplined him on multiple occasions. I think if all the candidates were qualified - the job would go to the guy who had not been disciplined.
As I am sure you remember, someone did run against Cathcart and almost beat him - Bethany Hall-Long. Then Cathcart gerrymandered himself a nice little largely Republican seat. That's the Delaware way!

Nancy - on your first comment...the town limits of Middletown are in RD8, Bethany Hall-Long's district.

The other part of that comment: It was extremely well documented that Diane Clark Street thrust herself into that parade AFTER the deadline and even requested a car for the parade. Note that all participants are to provide their OWN vehicles. Anyway, they bent over backwards and got her one. Her placement at the back was a result of the order having already been set when she put herself in. That was NEVER thought to be a derogatory position until it was made racial last year by her.

By the way, BHL is part of the committee of the Peach Festival. That in addition to the mix of backgrounds that organize the festival. Care to lump her into your dog-pile here? How about you, Jason? Shockingly, I didn't think so.

On the second comment: I can only imagine what SNCCA friend your talking about. That being the group that portends to welcome residents, until they find out you live in a new development. I will reiterate what I attributed to them months ago in someone else's blog commentary: "Pack your crap and go the hell back."
Another point on this dog-pile, did anyone else around here notice the radio reports were different from the sensational WNJ? Maybe because the radio media prefers to hear BOTH sides before declaring a victim. Notice DSU has yet to respond.

My disclaimer as I am sure I will be pegged as a GOP-sympathizer: WNJ isn't anti-GOP, they are simply pro-sell-controversy-to-sell-papers. If you are a juicy tie-in, you're meat.
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