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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Around the Horn Friday - The Early Edition

I'm on the road tomorrow, so get your Delawareblogosphere and wild rice casserole while it is hot!

Sebastian is mercurial. Now you see him. Now you don't. Here is to hoping that he is just on one of his 3-4 month sabaticals.

The Spivack campaign has press releases and everything. Andrew at spivackforcongress might not have been cc'd on that.

Delawarewatch...(big sigh...shakes head) I have to admit that part of me enjoys being the subject of a Delawarewatch thread. Is that wrong?

Hube at Colossusis for handmarked paper ballots. Me too! Don't worry, the d├ętente will probably be over by this time next week.

My radio partner at First State Politics can't get enough of this bogus Laffer Curve stuff. Here, read a real economist, not the RNC shill Larry Kudlow and get back to me.

Ryan (yet to enlist) at JTTR continues to amuse with his geopolitical acumen. "India is a strategic partner in more than just the GWOT. They can balance China." In his dorm room that sentence is usually followed by "Dude, I know. But if I invade from Kamchatka and hold South America for another round - you are toast!" (Note: This is a reference to the board game RISK for those of you who studied in College.)

Karmic Jay provides a longer section of Keith Olbermann's interview with John Dean. Here is the money regarding Bush requiring an enemy:

DEAN: It is one of the things, believe it or not, that still holds conservatism together. There is many factions in conservatism and their dislike or hatred of those they portray as liberal, who will basically be anybody who disagrees with them, is one of the cohesive factors.

Donviti has a story about an Allstate isurance company gasoline give away where everyone went all Republican on each other.

Mahaffie is napping in a hammock in Vermont right now.

Unlike her posts, Jaime Anne's tenure at Down With Absolutes was short and sweet.

Have a good weekend. Peace Out.

Sorry if this post is less than flattering to your radio buddy, but this bit of bloggery should be noted: This post at FirstState drew a few anons to provide some free commentary, Which prompted the blogger to ask for a lifeline at ("Can anyone point me to a primer on historical economic data, so I can pound this lib into the ground?")

I guess the econ lessons didn't help, because FirstState is back with that hokey old graph John Snow put out last December, using every trick the Republicans use to lie with numbers:

- Nominal instead of real dollars
- Choosing a low point as the base (2000)
- Leaving out pre-2000 data
- Compressing the x-axis so the upward line looks steeper

The Treasury graph shows revenue going up 20% in nominal dollars but doesn't mention inflation went up 16%.

This graph was thoroughly scoffed at by real economists when it came out.

Plus, the whole exchange unnerved FirstState so much he now only accepts comments from Blogspot accounts. Sorry, it's not worth selling my soul to Google.

Still waiting for my pounding...
Talk about being caught with ones hand in the cookie jar.


I knew that Laffer curve stuff was more "spin" than "win" but you know these R's and there talking points. Once they get lodged in the noise machine they just bounce around forever.
I'm right here and I'm taking all comers.

My RedState post was asking for references. My understanding of economic data and who, where and when it is produced is not up to par. I always have trouble finding data to reference.

To prove to me why it's worth my time to engage you, tell me why the highest increases in revenue income in the last 25 years were last year and this year, despite the lower rates.

And the reason I switched to blogspot only was because I was tired of debating two people who called themselves "anonymous." I didn't know who I was talking to.

And the reason I switched to blogspot only was because I was tired of debating two people who called themselves "anonymous."

And how's that working out for you?

Is your blog now getting a higher level of debate?

Or are your posts all like:

Comments: 0
Comments: 0
Comments: 0
... and so on.

If you like to talk politics, you need to build up your stamina so you don't get "tired" so easily.

Maybe you could as jason how he survives, even though he permits anonymii.
It's working out great for me. There's nothing preventing anyone from commenting. My hits are up, my unique visits are up. People are less likely to come on and be a jackass, but I've still had good debates with anonymous posters. I'm quite happy with it.

But you're right. I should be ashamed that no one posted comments on "Ting Files" or "Pataki, Steele to visit." I'm sure people have a lot to say about "Valihura files for re-election." Really, it's juicy stuff.

If you're the same anon, please answer the question so we can continue.

(See, there's that problem again, you never know who you're talking to. Thanks for proving my point for me.)

How about you let me run my site and you run yours? If you have one.
Re:The Ting post. I was wondering why you did not use the picture of him in the hat. It is a real crowd pleaser.
That photo is tired. I'm sure we'll see it plenty of times between now and November, though.
I just got laid off actually, that's why I've basically been out of commission the last couple weeks. Gotta love working in a Republican America. That's the second time i've been laid off in three years. I posted the press release today though.

We'll see it here if you need a fix.

Bad break about the job. Drop me an email sometime.
Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.
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