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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


So who do you like? - The Delawareliberal Presidential Tracking Poll July results

In my very unscientific poll I was looking for two things.

1) Which Presidential candidates get the basic "thumbs-up" from Delawareliberal readers and

2) Which campaigns have some nascent online ground game.

So the poll unfolded in two phases. The results from the first phase were as follows:

Wes Clark 5
Hillary Clinton 2
Russ Feingold 5

John McCain 1
Mitt Romney 3
Jeb Bush 1

In phase two I asked people to email fellow travelers and "freep" the poll for their favorite candidate. Here are the results of that phase:

Wes Clark 19
Hillary Clinton 4
Russ Feingold 25

John McCain 1
Mitt Romney 3
Jeb Bush 1

Clearly Democrats are emailing each other. But even this early on, I'm not surprised that the Clark and Feingold folks were able to beat the bushes for a few votes, after all they have George Bush as a catalyst and constant reminder to keep working.

I am surprised, however, that Romney added zero to his first round total. His is the only campaign with a "Delawareans for _____" blog up and running. (They even have a logo.)

In the next tracking poll I'm going to delete the generic "Don't Know/Other" category and add a "Other Democrat" and an "Other Republican" categories. I'll also continue to put both parties together on the same list to limit voting hijinx by partisans from both sides. I'll also lose the "round one/round two" structure and leave it to everyone to either freep the poll or not.

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