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Friday, July 28, 2006


In my own defense...

Some have suggested that my calls to Castle's office are "crank" calls and that I am just being a "pain in the ass".

While it is true that Michael Castle may regard me as a pain in the ass. My daily calls have a real and important purpose. I honestly think whether or not Castle regrets supporting Bush TWICE - speaks to his judgement.

Knowing if Delaware's only representative in the House in has good or poor judgement is important. Delawareans need to know about Castle's judgement in order to make an informed voting decision.

In a way I am asking, "Knowing what Castle now knows about Bush, would he make the same decisions regarding lending Bush his support?" and "When Mr. Castle looks at Bush's abject and ongoing failure, does his partisanship color his vision and make that failure appear to be success?"

In these days of war as far as the eye can see, I find these to be significant important questions. If anyone cares to join me in trying to find out the answer to these questions, Mr. Castle's press secretary, Elizabeth Wenk, can be reached at (202) 225-4165.

As long as you are curteous and respectful, keep your calls to a reasonable number and have a real question, you're doing nothing wrong. Keep it up. Politicians need more pressure from voters not less. Even if I disagree with your position.

You're his boss and he owes you an answer if not by phone then by email.
duffy stop making me fall in love with you.

But seriously. All they have to do is answer the question and the calls would stop.
congratulations, you are now officially the "Captain Janks" of the political bogosphere.

I think you missed th epoint of the post.

Important questions...? What does that mean...? You post the most meaningless kind of political dialogue and think this is "important"...?

Go see Mr. Castle in person, bring a camera, don't ambush him, and ask him with a straight face your BS questions.

You will blow what ever reputation you never had.
Sure. I'm game, but if it is that easy - why didn't Mrs. Wenk invite me in for a chat?

What is she afraid of?
You miss the point. Mr. Castle is a RINO, or "republican in name only". The guy is a Democrat in all but registration. You should be falling all over Mike, kissing his feet, etc.

What's your beef???
Please a RINO - look past the stem cell window dressing to the votes.
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