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Thursday, July 20, 2006


The News Journal Plays Catch-up on the Dean in Wilmington Story

Democratic Party says the event is no big deal.

The event is also a fund-raiser, with tickets for the appearance $50 and $25 for students.

The public appearance is scheduled to be brief -- Alexander Snyder-Mackler, communications director for the state Democratic Party said Dean will be at the Residence at Rodney for just over an hour.

“It’s not a big fund-raiser,” he said. “He’s really coming out here to see how the strategy is going and to meet a few people.”
- Patrick Jackson

I'm not buying it. Dean comming to Wilmington is BIG, (of course I have pictures of Dr. Dean plastering the inside of my locker.)

It's not a big deal. Something like Wes Clark or Al Gore or Murtha, Pelosi, Hoyer coming to DE to campiagn and/or fundraise for our next congressmen Dennis Spivack who by the way needs volunteers.

It's not a big deal because he's done fundraisers like this for every state. It's his job.
Dean may be stopping by Delaware to pick up a few tips on how to get Democrats elected.
Interesting website with a lot of resources and detailed explanations.
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