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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


GOP Idiot of the day - Tom Coburn of Oklahoma

During today’s Senate debate on S. 403, a bill on abortion parental notification laws, former physician said:

“You know, the moral rationalization is if you make a mistake there’s no consequences. I’ve seen the consequences. Condoms and teenagers work about 50% of the time, if you count all the studies up

Check out this babbo's web site. He even uses the "MD" after his name.

I hate it when these guys use the MD's. I especially hate it when they are full of shit on the medical stuff. Like, Teri Schiavo is just fine.
Kind of like Howard Dean
Not only is he an MD, he's an MD who specializes in family medicine and obstetrics and who would be practicing today if Senate rules allowed it. He has personally delivered 4,000 babies. He's a little too far to the right on some social issues for me, but you don't get a medical degree from the U of Oklahoma and deliver 4,000 babies without knowing what you're talking about.

He also is the nation's greatest budget hawk and fighter of earmarks and pork projects, and he fulfilled a self-imposed three-term limit in the House.
I wonder if Coburn attributes all his medical success to Jesus or hours spent studying as a med student? Did he pray before every delivery as if it would make a difference or did he just "go it alone?"

Ahh...religion and science...what a pleasant mix.
jason, what's your complaint? do you think the "batting avereage" of teenagers & condoms is higher or lower? what's you source?
jason, what's your complaint?

That Coburn's a Republican.
If teenagers who use condoms are getting knocked up 50% of the time (if you count up all the studies) - I think it is safe to say that they need to lay off the praying and start putting the condoms on their d*cks and not their big toes.

That's what I'm saying.

50% is a higher percentage than one could expect from the "I sure hope her period gets here!" method.
...and an MD (who delivered 4,000 babies) should know that.
Coburn is "Santorum West."
oh, that source. The "I feel like a rant and can't be bothered with facts" source.

Thanks for confirming.

Do I need a "source" to say that the sky is blue? You know you are just being a tiresome jerk - but okay here you go:

"The estimated typical pregnancy rate among condom users in the US is about 14 per 100 women. "

last time I checked 14% was less than 50% - or do you want me to come up with a "source" for that too?
I'm not sure he was saying that it was 50% when they used a condom. I think he might have been saying that they only use a condom 50% of the time.
went to your source.

found that:
Perfect use of condoms is 96% effective.

Typical use of condoms (by adults) is 86% effective.

"Typical use effectiveness takes into account all reasons that unintended pregnancies occur, including people's occasional failure to use the method, incorrect use, and technical failures of the method."

given that, the suggestion that the effective rate for condom use by teenagers drops to 50% is not on it's face unbelievable.

thanks for the source.
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