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Saturday, July 29, 2006


I simply don't know what to make of this Feroce announcement video

It is 7 minutes, but you get the gist after 70 seconds.

He said, "Hello." What is there not to get??? :) I want to know where the clapping people came from for a district announcement? Regardless, I will openly say he gets my vote over Allsop and, sorry Jason, Vaughn, too. He had me at, "Hello."
Fair enough.

I heard Allsop on the radio and, to be honest, I don't think Feroce has much to worry about in the primary.

In the general, I don't know. This video feels somewhat un-Delaware-ish to me.
but no one has had me at "Hello" before!!!

OK, seriously...I really think the open-government platform is going to become a real player this year. After so many years of talking about it, I think it will be a real-impact issue. Face it, non-presidential election years bring out only the voters who really give a damn about state politics. It's only a feeling from reading and listening, but I think the majority of those voters (me included) will weigh the position of open-government. It may not be a deal-breaker for most, but when it boils down to, say a dead-heat up to that issue, then it will tilt a decision. Vaughn, well, does not like open government. Feroce is preaching it. Obviously, no one knows 100% what the future will bring, but he is at least embracing it at this point. Point is, whether feeling un-Delawarean or not, some of these back-burner, festering issues will probably become players this year and make a difference. Another point, this area (MOT and now Smyrna) has a lot of residents transplanted from other STATES since 2002 and 2004...there could be a decent segment of voters who can't identify with a Delaware or non-Delaware feel. I may be a MOT Newbie, but I certainly am not a DE newbie, so I know what you are talking about.

There are other issues, but I just chose one example because it is late and I am disturbed that he had me at "Hello."
All good points. I wonder how far outside the "plugged in" voters the open government issue will resonate.

If it has a real impact - this could be a paradigm shift election.

The number of primaries, and the fewer number of uncontested seats is telling.
You're not kidding about the potential shift. Here I have been complaining for a few months about my party leadership being absolutely out of touch (latest example is the "official" endorsement in the 14th SD). I think all of these primaries are a signal that we are starting to no longer respect that leadership (for both sides). This really may be the opportunity many of us have been looking for. Great, now you're making me think. Ruined my weekend! :)
This open govt stuff is bullshit. Its manufactured by a few legislators who push it for political advantage or out of personal vendetta. They push it because they know it won't go anywhere. Listening to wdel you would think lots of peope support it, but they don't. That's why no one protests it, no one cares. Especially the people of vaughns district. All wdel does is make fun of anywhere south of bear. Al mascitti is a faux intellectual who needs to eat a salad and gerry fulcher can't even vote because he's a felon.

Vaughn will win. Feroce is a ticking time bomb. All this delusion about convictions and open government are hyped and overextended.
i think if he puts as much effort into his elected office as he has for his preliminary campaign then he will really do some great things for dela. Video is sweet, looks like the real deal - he knows enough people to get those claps, come on, italians!
i like the video, great public speaker, like the cnn look, impressive
Anony 1:49

NOT THAT you are wrong here....noooooo way, but since when did you poll Dela about open government??

Now I know this is not Jason under cover.....

Vaughn is the worst of the worst in our state along with Adams on the DEM side of the aisle.
anon 1:49

Thanks for reading and commenting. You might be right about the open government issue - but that is why they have the elections.

Otherwise Celia Cohen could just appoint everyone, and we'd save a lot of time and money.
Right. I'm no cohen fan but people need to realists...

No one is in politics for the charity aspect... the old adage, it's show business for ugly people, is very true.
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