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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Blogroll Update & Poll

UPDATE: Garrett has just provided a hilarious epilogue to all of this as part of an ongoing effort to bait me into commenting over there. Earth to Dana: It ain't gonna happen. If you read it, do me a favor and don't comment on it. His comments have gone from about 20 per post when I was calling him out on his BS to about 3 per post.

It is clear to me that Dana Garrett is no progressive. Anyone who says that there is no difference between the Republican party and the Democratic party has taken a leap of faith that leaves them impervious to logic, reason and empiricism, the signifiers of the progressive mind. Anyone who thinks that George Bush and Al Gore are just two sides of the same coin is not interested in honest political debate but is off on some ideological flight of fancy.

Delawarewatch claims to be "progressive", and yet the "end state" that Dana is working for is the continuation of the radical right wing governance of the United States. It is that simple. So I've moved the link from "liberal" into the new category you see below.

I'm not interested in sophomoric dorm-room debates or pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking. I'm interested in getting rid of George Bush and Michael Castle. I'm interested in preventing their style of un-American kleptocracy from returning in my children's lifetime. So no more links to Delawarewatch posts, and no more commenting over there. Enough is enough.

Dana is kind of my blog godfather, so this is not some small matter for me. However, if you read some recent Delawarewatch threads you will see that the blog is dedicated to Dana's ego and little else.

right wing dupe.
it's all about the ego.
the heart is in the right place, but...
Free polls from

Yup, not a progressive - authoritarian through and through.

But please keep commenting over at Dana's blog. Your voice is the one that might send him right over the edge, and I'd like to be around when that happens. He's already checking under his bed for you each night, suspecting each post of being Jason incognito. He's become the Toxic Avenger, pursuing you around the blogosphere with some stupid question trying to get you to say you support crooked Democrats.

Seriously - there are politicians and MSM journalists reading DW every day. Somebody has to balance Dana's pseudo-authoritative perspective. Really, when Dana needs deflating nobody knows how to stick the pin better than you. I don't mean just snark; I mean on solid political grounds.

Don't you get it? Dana has to be the smartest person in the room all the time. If he feels that slipping, he'll go ad hominem.

I'm going to keep reading DelawareWatch.

By the way, DG is a damn fine poet - I wish we heard more from him about that.
Seriously - there are politicians and MSM journalists reading DW every day. Somebody has to balance Dana's pseudo-authoritative perspective.

You make a good point, but I have to wonder why MSM journalists and politicians read DW. It is fairly transparent when some axe grinder is feeding him something.

I like that he is tight with Kowalko and Korn, but other than
Why can't I choose "All of the above?"
Somebody recently asked me why so many people allegedly read DW. I basically explained it by saying it's the same reason so many people watch Jerry Springer.
...and another day of DelDem insiders posting as Anonymous thugs continues!
I've trashed Joe Biden here and on the radio - I have no kind words for Carper and I've even taken Matt Denn to task for his DLC association.

Matt Denn! What do I have to do (other than vote for Wharton) to be outsider-y enough for you?

I'm a Democrat - and I'm not apologizing for it.
I agree...why should you apologize for folks like Zell Miller or Robert Byrd? Perhaps you should apologize for the Dems' tacit help in destroying a healthy democracy along with the equally vomit-inducing Republicans.
Mike, you are right. I did not get it until just now...

Zell Miller and Byrd's Klan days (50 years ago) and Clinton's blow job, and Chapaquidick, and Ruth Ann Minner's dress size is JUST LIKE

The iraq war, the debt, the wire taps, the stolen elections, the cronyism, the lying, and the trashing of the economy.

The two parties are just the same.
Um, y'see Jase, when you pick and choose your comparisons like your 4:46 you look even MORE foolish than usual.

But keep on truckin'....!
Funny, Jason...

The points you make in the second sentence of your last post can easily be attributed to BOTH parties.

Republicans AS WELL as Democrats instigated the Iraq War and continue with it today.

Republicans AS WELL as Democrats have increased the debt.

Republicans AS WELL as Democrats were briefed on the wire taps.

Republicans AS WELL as Democrats are in bed on our national elections system.

Republicans AS WELL as Democrats employ crony lobbyists to screw America.

Republicans AS WELL as Democrats LIE, obviously!

Republicans AS WELL as Democrats help write legislation that enables people to trash the environment.

Need any more clarification, Jason?

You don't buy that tripe. You have a whole category on DWA ODB, and another one called "Rove, Libby, Miller" and now the Democrats are the problem with the country.

Okay - vote for Ferris if you want to, but leave me out of it.
I guess whenever a political party decays into corruption there are some folks who believe the party faithful should unite to redeem and restore it's ideals, and some others who would just as soon let the party die so the ideals can live to fight another day. I'm not sure who's right in this case.

What I am looking forward to, though, is watching the continuing unraveling of the current republican coalition of religious fundamentalists, neocon warhawks and traditional small government, fiscal conservatives. As the bills come due for the absolute incompetence and extraordinary corruption of this administration and this congress, the wailing and gnashing of teeth will reach biblical proportions.

Just trying to put these internicence squabbles into perspective.
Well said. We should be chipping away at cracks in the other side.

As for me, I'm done with pissing on other Democrats.

I that makes me a traitor to the ultra-pure liberals of the world - so be it.
Put simply, I don't mind being called a liberal. However, when people refer to me as a "Democrat," I'm very quick to correct them.
Thank you for calling Dana out for what he really is. He has become a shill for the Republican Party by giving many of them aid and comfort under the title "progressives." There are few progressives left in the Delaware's Republican Party and the people Dana has been highlighting are certainly not in that group. Furthermore, it will not be a good day for Delaware if the State Senate flips Republican. Dana is smoking something awfully strong (and showing his lack of understanding of Delaware politics) if he thinks Senator Still is any better than Senator Adams or Senator Vaughn.

I wish you would have included me in your rant. Because I'm right with Dana on this issue. It just makes me feel important when people say my name and/or refer to my site.
I am done with this blog. It is all just such petty little nothing statements solely made to attract conflict (and thus a phony inflation of comments).

This Jason guy is not liberal. He is just another bitch-ass PC Nazi working from the left. Turds like this Delajason are usually weak, effeminate, perpetually-PMSing, and filled to brim with nothing more than reactive negativity and incessant whining.


Actually, make that "Whaaaaaaaaaaaarton!"

Buh-bye, Jasonius Von Nostril.

(Oh, and I am NOT Dana, lest you think to smear him some more)

Happy Donkey EnTrails to you!

I am done with this blog.

Farewell, Anonymous, we hardly knew ye.
Furthermore, it will not be a good day for Delaware if the State Senate flips Republican. Dana is smoking something awfully strong (and showing his lack of understanding of Delaware politics) if he thinks Senator Still is any better than Senator Adams or Senator Vaughn.

Fabius, remember what happened 25 years ago when the GOP took over the House, and Delaware was in deep trouble:

-They did away with the ability of committee chairs to hold a bill in committee for no other reason than it was the right thing to do.

-They passed the Financial Center Development Act, leading to economic prosperity for many years to come.

-They passed the balanced budget amendment, preventing future legislatures from spending us into New Jersey-style debt.

-They cut the tax rate, and overall saved the state from financial oblivion.

So, the GOP taking over a chamber isn't such a bad thing after all. Not that this is the forum to make that point...
Dana is Dana is Dana and he probably would benefit from meds.
Super color scheme, I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.
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