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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Delawareans Flee War Zone; Joe Biden Gets Props in Write Up

The Basmas credit Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., and his staff with helping them navigate the chaos of the evacuation. Last week, Biden called Alie Basma and put him in touch with the correct people at the State Department to get Mariam registered for evacuation. Also, a Biden staff member called Mariam Basma late Thursday night in Beirut to tell her about a change in the ferry schedule to Cyprus. - Mike Chalmers, The News Journal

I've been giving Joe the business about his quixotic run for the White House - but it is good to know that he still has time for some good old constituents services when it comes to Delawareans trying not to become victims of George Bush's foreign policies.

Biden's plan on a divided tripart Iraq (sectioned by sects and geography) inot three loosely federated regions joined by a weaker central governing body and shared oil resources is coming back to the fore as potential good policy to solve the fast deteriorating conditions there.

We all tend to suffer from inferiority complex when it comes to our great Senator. Face it Delawareans, Joe Biden is esteemed around the world and he is one smart cookie when it comes to foreign relations.

I hope he holds onto his presidential aspirations.
You make a good point about our eagerness to think the worst, and it is refreshing to hear someone defend Joe. I just don't think he really has the Presidency as an ultimate goal.
If he was that smart, he would have never ever voted for the war authorization. It was one of the most important votes in the history of our country, and he got it dead wrong.
Rumor has it the person worked for MBNA
He voted for something that we all know in hindsight was not only misdirected and run horribly, but the effort to go into Iraq pre-emptively is something that Biden has given continuos (if unheeded) counsel on how to do it right.

From cautioning for enough boots on the ground to requesting that Bush come clean with the cost to the Americans in life and treasure.

Joe had it right all along and a snippet of research will tell you so.
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