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Monday, July 24, 2006


Harry Themal tries to sugar-coat it

...but you can't sugar coat the fact that George Bush kicked his faithful servant, Michael Castle, in the balls with the stem cell veto.

Castle's reputation as a man who can get things done has been shredded by Bush.

Castle is impotent. A fact is a fact.

The Themal article also reveals Castle has already found his next futile issue that allows him to pose as a moderate: John McCain!!

Interesting to note Castle's presidential preferences: In 2000, he didn't endorse a primary candidate. In 2004, he decided Bush was doing a heckuva job, and signed on as the Bush campaign manager for DE. Now we hear Castle likes McCain for 2008.

Doesn't Mike Castle learn from ANYTHING?
That endorsement was a knee slapper. It sounds like he says McCain is "almost always" telling the truth.

That makes him a cut above other Republicans.
I agree that in the Esquirer interview, Castle was off base....Castle made it sound like McCain was shakey but hey, that's ok.
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