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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Bill Dunn to primary Bob Gilligan in the 19th RD

Although the Delaware Department of Elections web site does not confirm this, some have reported that Bill Dunn, the president of the Milltown-Limestone Civic Alliance and a trustee for the Kiamensi Civic Association, is going to file (or has filed) to run agaist Bob Gilligan to represent the 19th RD in Dover.

If this turns out to be true, and If Dunn is a real Democrat and not a Green Party member or a member of the "I-want-a-do-over" party, then this is good news.

Primaries are good for the system and should be welcomed by eveyone who believes that the State Legislature is not the House of Lords where people go to serve out lifetime appointments.

Nobody should get into office unopposed, and I guess if the Republicans are afraid of Bob, at least the Democrats aren’t.
Gilligan's tough for the GOP to beat because not only is it a plurality (if not majority) Democratic district, but he lives in the strongest GOP area of the district, so a Republican candidate would need Gilligan's neighbors to vote against. And since he's apparently a nice guy, that's a tall order.
Nice guy???
Bill Dunn is not in my district but I am determined to wear out lots of shoeleather to help him win this primary.
Gilligan is a dinasour who CRIED ON THE HOUSE FLOOR when his good bud Roger Roy announced his retirement.....I say Bob Gilligan should be shown the door...

Still, the number of unopposed Dems is a problem.

I doubt Gilligan is happy about a Dem taking him on, but thats politics.
I forgot about that crying thing. And when I said the number of unopposed Dems is a problem - meant it was a problem in the system where the parties are too deferential to each other.

This primary (if it turns out to be true and given my stated caveats) is great news.

Do you know Dunn?
Yes, I met him through Common Cause.
I really am delighted to hear of his bid for the House seat and wish him luck...and will donate time and energy!!!
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I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.
I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.
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