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Monday, October 23, 2006


I'm not a fan of the wise old men who run Delaware

You know the wise old men I'm talking about. They drink together. They play cards together and go to each others kid's weddings and spouses funerals. They hire each others children for plumb jobs.

They even show up at debates together, but just prior to entering they take a few steps apart. It serves thier purposes to appear in public as affable rivals. But they are a party unto themselves. How they must laugh thier asses off at dopes like me and poor Mike Protack who think that there are meaningful differences between republicans and democrats.

They talk about how important "bipartisianship" is but fail to explain that to them bipartisanship means taking turns sticking thier faces in the public trough.

I've been thinking about all of this for a while but this little item in Celia's latest love letter to the the wise old men of Delaware got me to a kind of tipping point.

There was also a story about a lobbying client who declined to give Ned Davis a raise, observing that he did not seem to be doing anything. Davis let the contract go and went to work for the other side, quickly accomplishing what the original client had not wanted to see accomplished.

Kind of says it all doesn't it?

You read my mind, soul brother.

They lionize a guy who stands for no one and nothing but the highest bidder.

The Celia Way.

Let's hope the type of insider backroom shuttle ethics that the old guard has brought this state eventually pass along with the old denizens of the "Delaware Way" (a crooked snake trail).

Nevertheless, condolences to Mr. Davis's family and friends. I am sure he was much beloved.

you better play the powerball while you are wishing today. Your odds are better there.
Just because a lobbist is a hired gun does not indicate that the man sttod for nothing. I think that if you looked a little further into Ned Davis' life, you would find a die-hard liberal democrat who simply knew that no party can function without working the issues witht he other side in mind. The truth about that story is that Ned gladly gave up that contract because he did not believe in the cause he represented. This world could use a few more like him "Delaware way" or not the man could get things done.
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