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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Why is Tom Carper such a Republican?

It might be because he surrounds himself with Republicans like Italo Carrieri-Russo.

Check out this picture from an ad for The Big Kahuna:

See the dopy looking freak holding up the t-shirt that says, "I see your thong"? That is Italo Carrieri-Russo, the former head of the college republicans at UD. Check out Italo's Republican fever here. Guess where he works now?

Yep. For good old "Torture" Tom. Check me on that by looking at that database Mike M found last week. It looks like Italo must be new OR they are paying him in beer because Mr. Carrieri-Russo is not exactly pulling down the big bucks.

Tom your votes are bad enough but you have to rub salt on our wounds by hiring the likes of that? (a republican I mean, not the drinking.)

Damn...and I was working on a post just like this about this dude. My headline was gonna be..."Tom Carper: So Moderate he even hires Republicans!"

I did a Google search and stumbled upon the same Red, White and Blue Hens blog entry. Good stuff. I'll link to you when I get back from the debates!
I'm agile becuase I'm in stinking Albany NY wondering why Carper sucks so much.
You Kos wannabes really kill me. Carper a "Republican"? Don't you like anyone who is even barely a moderate? If you aren't a drooling liberal, you go postal. A little real world experience you do you a world of good.'d have a point if Carper was not a REPUBLICAN. Only a R would have made the votes to kill habeas corpus that Carper made and then try to pass it off as some kind of national security vote.

Also check out these votes: Carper's shitty record

Do they look like the kind of votes a Democrat would make?

Okay then.
Carper voted for the Specter amendment to keep habeas corpus intact. But then when the amendment didn't pass he voted for the bill anyway.
That is typical. I don't think he has any real core beliefs other than a strong belief in getting reelected.
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