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Saturday, October 07, 2006


News Journal Picks Up Tariff Suspension Story & Covers Castle's Ass

I know, big surprise!

It took a few weeks and Dennis Spivack making some noise, but the News Journal finally picked up the tariff suspensions pushed by Castle and Carper that steal hundreds of millions of dollars from the US treasury.

"Why did he choose to use his influence in Congress to do this?" asked Castle's Democratic challenger, Dennis Spivack, in a news release aimed at turning tariff waivers into a campaign talking point. "Is this in the interest of all Delawareans, or of a very select few? Is this really why voters sent Mike Castle to Washington?"

Of course Jennifer Brooks spends one line with the real story and 10 inches covering Castle ass with kisses. She provides "balance" to this one Spivack quote by cramming in a dozen quotes like this to defend the practice.

Castle's campaign manager, Jim Catella, responded..

Without tariff waivers, he said, American manufacturers would be charged hundreds of millions of dollars more a year for components they import. Rather than tempt companies to move their manufacturing operations overseas, closer to the cheap materials, Congress makes it cheaper to import those components.

What a bunch of transparent BS. These tax cuts provide a benefit to such a narrow constituency that they amount to a flat out payoff. You can put lipstick on that pig - but it is still a pig. As Spivack's press release stated:

"This makes me wonder who Republicans expect to pay for the war they got us into. Certainly not the wealthy. Apparently, not chemical companies needing special tax breaks, either."

Side note: Ting said squat. What a hero he turned out to be.

Castle's regent Catella completely misses the point and Brooks lets him get away with it.

The tariff suspensions are subsidies for offshoring of American jobs.

The tax breaks are being awarded to companies who ALREADY HAVE moved their manufacturing overseas. They are importing chemicals from offshore plants they invested in YEARS ago.

Castle's chemicals aren't being used in the starting point of some job-rich manufacturing process. They are being poured into tanks and resold.
Ting got a late phone call while he was out campaigning and he didn't return the call in time. That's a lot different than saying "squat."

And anon, anything you say on this issue goes for Carper, too.
We know that Carper is in this. ( Do your damn job TING!!!!)

As for Anon - it sounds like you have a great start on a letter to the editor.
Ting isn't going to say a word about it because if he went to the Senate, he would do the same damn thing. That's what going to Congress is about for all but a handful of people--concentrating wealth in a few elite hands.
Ting wants the immigrants to go home and make more duty-free chemicals for us!
For what it's worth, I'd like to see if anon is right about the offshoring aspect of this. I know I don't have the capabilities to investigate that deep.
"Rather than tempt companies to move their manufacturing operations overseas, closer to the cheap materials, Congress makes it cheaper to import those components."


where are Lifesavers made?

the USA??? wrong!

The entire production was moved, 2 years ago, to Canada because the US price of sugar is double the price of sugar in Canada.
(in this case it's import quota's rather than tarrifs that drive the price up)
So that means we should pass on collecting taxes for shoes manufactured in Korea?

The companies are double dipping. Getting the benefits of off-shoring the manufacturing jobs (as in Syngeta's case) and not having to pay import tarrifs on finished products.
In the grand scheme of things -- we're burning $2 Billion a week in Iraq -- these tax breaks barely amount to a hill of beans. And anyone in Delaware who owns DuPont stock -- it's a fairly large group, I think you'd agree -- is going to be for this, not against it.
Okay. You are right. We'll just pass the bill onto our grandchildren and they can figure it out.
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