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Thursday, September 14, 2006


I like Carper, I just hate his votes

He invited me to his office Christmas party once when I lived in DC. He gave me a cookie cutter shaped like Delaware as a kind of party favor. Nice guy, a real class act.

If I decided to run as a "write in candidate" it will be to call Carper out on these specific votes:

Carper pulled a Lieberman on Samuel Alito, voting for cloture when it mattered, but against confirmation to cover his tracks. That was just shitty.

Carper voted for the Iraq War resolution. Yes, Bush lied his ass off, but to my knowledge, Caprer has never fully owned up to this horrible vote.

Carper voted for The Patriot Act renewal. True, he voted for the slightly watered down version that passed because only he and 14 other (mostly red state) Democrats voted for.

Carper also voted for CAFTA. The CAFTA vote is rank. CAFTA simply enriches corporations at the expense of the American worker. Very Democratic of Carper to vote for it along with 10 other Democratic Senators.

The killer, however, is Carpers vote for passage of and cloture on the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. Not only did he vote for this anti-middle class monstrosity, but he was a co-sponsor of the bill, along with Joe Biden. While Biden voted for a few of the Democratic-proposed amendments, like Dick Durbin's amendment to ensure that those making below median income would not be subject to means testing, and Durbin's other amendment to exempt members of the armed service from this monstrosity, Carper did not.

Finally, in terms of writing blank checks for George Bush, Carper beats out many many republicans:

"There were two votes on amendments to this year's budget act where he was the only Democrat to vote NAY (even Ben Nelson voted YEA). These amendments (including this amendment by Debbie Stabenow to fully fund first responders and this amendment by Byron Dorgan to fully fund Native American programs) would have funded certain programs by closing corporate tax loopholes, so the only reason to vote against them is if you support corporate tax loopholes, and that's completely unacceptable." - Democraticluntz

I agree. And so maybe I'll run against him. It's a free country right?

In the end I don't really want Carper to lose the election (Ting would be worse) - but I want Carper's votes to BE A WHOLE LOT FRIENDLIER to the middle class and A WHOLE LOT LESS FRIENDLY to corporations and George Bush. I'll leave the poll up and if I get a groundswell of support I might consider tilting at this windmill.

From "Who is the worst blue-state Democratic Senator?"

Great Post!!!
How can we kick Carper where it hurts to let him know his DINO stylin' SUCKs and we are on to him.
carper is the next Strom....walking dead
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