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Monday, October 16, 2006


A vote for Dennis Spivack is a vote AGAINST George Bush

My letter to the News Journal:

1 vote for Michael Castle = 1 vote FOR George Bush

Yes, it IS that simple.

So many of Delaware’s Democrats, Independents, and Republicans are outraged by George Bush’s reckless and un-American approach to his duties that they are asking, “What more can I do to send a clear message to this out of touch President?”

The answer is simple. Vote against George Bush by voting FOR Dennis Spivack for Congress.

Mr. Castle likes to portray himself as a moderate. However, now he refuses to debate Dennid Spivack and is running away from his record. His blind support for the President’s failed policies, and his movement from his moderate base into the camp of the far right-wing put the lie to the notion that he is a moderate. While he was elected for his moderate views, in the past six years Mr. Castle has become a dependable rubber stamp for George Bush.

- Castle voted with the President’s less than half-baked plans for invading Iraq.

- Castle voted for shifting the tax burden to the middle class, and

- Castle sealed his loyalty to the extreme right-wing of his party by co-sponsoring legislation designed to erode the constitutional checks and balances between the judicial and legislative branches of government that were once taken for granted.

In spite of this record, Castle could still win in November. However, by voting against Michael Castle and for his Democratic opponent Dennis Spivack, we might make Mr. Castle less likely to blindly follow his party at the expense of his constituents here in Delaware. So this time, even if you happen to like Mr. Castle, vote against him. If you have had enough of George Bush, and you think that this country is on the wrong track, make your voice heard. Vote for Dennis Spivack for Congress.

If you do not like the way this country is being run, you can complain, or you can vote to change it.

Jason Scott

So that's Scott. S-C-O-T-T, right? Some lawyer for the News Journal called me today and wanted to know if he had it right.
Did I mention that Doug Williams wears womens underwear?
two questions:

why should i believe that spivack will be any different than the people who are currently in washington when he has been accepting large campaign contributions from george bush supporters such as joe biden and tom carper (who also voted for bush's half baked plan to invade iraq)?

you seem to be a person that doesnt stand for candidates who dodge debates. why then didnt you criticize dennis spivack when he refused to debate karen hartley neagle in the democratic primary? castle has not yet been medically cleared to appear in debates. spivack, on the other hand, was just a little pansy.
castle is not cleared to debate and yet the last time i watched cspan debates were a big part of his job description. hmmmm...

as for neagle you'll have to ask spivack. I think it was because neagle had filed as a independent and a democrat and made her intention to disregard the primary well known. if you read delaware liberal from around that time - you will find that i was agnostic about neagle and made the argument for a primary debate. (the more people beating up on castle the better)

biden admits to having made a bad vote based on falling for bush's lies. as for carper, i have nothing but contempt for him.

btw i'm into this no caps. it is very liberating. maybe ill throw punctuation over the side next.

i had to check to make sure but khn filed as an i first and then as a dem so i think that made a debate rather pointless
Dang-it, Jason. You forgot:

spivack didn't need to debate KHN because she also filed as an independent? that makes perfect sense.
and will you call for spivack to return the money that biden and carper gave him?
Would you say the same about your buddy Tyler "the independent" Nixon? Why should Harris debate him, he is independent?

Why should Lamont debate Lieberman, he is independent and he is kicking his a**.

Stupid liberal logic.
spivack didn't need to debate KHN because she also filed as an independent? that makes perfect sense.

Thank you.

Why should Lamont debate Lieberman, he is independent and he is kicking his a**.

Stupid conservative apples vs. garden trolls analogies.
The analogies sound stupid because your original reasoning was horrific. Dennis Spivack didn't debate KHG in the Democratic primaries because she was also the candidate being endorsed by the Independent Party? She was still his main opponent in the Democratic Primary. She even came pretty close to beating him. You really have no right to complain about Castle missing debates on account of doctor's orders when Spivack missed every debate in the Primary's on account of being a b**ch.
Also, I really don't think you're in a position to accuse someone of blindly following a political party.
pretty close to beating him..

Well she grabbed 40% of the vote. That's almost twice what Spivack will get against Castle.
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