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Sunday, April 09, 2006



...runs As Dem, And Independent At Same Time

Karen Hartley-Nagle says she's running for Republican Congressman Mike Castle's seat as a member of not one, but two political parties. Already in the race as an independent, Hartley-Nagle announced yesterday she's also running as a Democrat. She'll face Dennis Spivack, in the Democratic primary September 12th.

This is from a January Delawarewatch post: Karen is the Independent Party candidate running for the US Congress. Karen is best known as a Delaware activist who advocates for open hearings in Family Court and for easily accessible and inexpensive audio and written transcripts of Family Court Hearings. A recent court case for open hearings in Family Court brought by Hartley-Nagle was dismissed in the Court of Chancellery. Karen plans to appeal the decision.

I don't know about this running as an "Independent Party" Candidate and a Democrat, but I know I like primaries. The party hates them.

As I see it, the more people beating up on the arrogant fraud, Michael Castle, the better.

I did not realize that Karen has entered this race. They more the merrier....she is a candidate with potential, I have spoken with her at some length about what she has tried to do with opening up the family court process.
The more the merrier, provided that after the primary is over, everyone works together to unseat the Republican.
So whoever wins let's all agree, no Liebermaning

To earn my respect, Hartley-Nagle would have to drop out of the race if she lost to Spivack. That is the price of running as a Dem.
This woman is lost. She advocates for things that have nothing to do with the US Congress.

Well, whatever, more people to trounce.
She should primary and then step out for sure.
Splitting the vote is dumb and egotistical.
This woman is nuts a real fruit cake Work to get better so you can see your children. Does bipolar or boarderline personality disroder ring any bells. I know she can't understand that's all part of it. How is YOUR WORLD today. Check this woman out won't even pay her taxes on he hunderds of thousands of slots profits.
She must be pretty lucky to win hundreds of thousands of dollars and then not pay taxes on them. In case you didnt know the slots people take out taxes when you win so one is automatically taxed. It is clear the poster is simply trying to slander Ms. Hartley-Nagle. Probably a staunch republican for Castle who finds it necessary to slander someone under the cover of an anonymous posting. Get a life!!!
I case you did't know you do have to pay taxes on slot winnings at the end of the year. You must operate under the same delusional law of that sick sick woman. Good luck to you. How is your WORLD TODAY it's very different from the rest of us. PEACE I will PRAY YOU.
Who are you? Try constructing a sentence as if you at least graduated from elementary school. You wrote "I will PRAY YOU". You forgot the "FOR". It looks like you are the one who needs prayer. Go win $20,000 at Dover Downs and they automatically take out 20% Federal with-holding as a routine matter. Why don’t you identify yourself? Is it your fear you will be exposed for you slanderous words? Seems everyone is crazy except you! Ha! What world do you live in?
I know Karen. She's just great. Bubbly, intelligent with an elementary school education and arts background. I voted for her in the Senate race and will vote for he in the Congressional race during the Democratic Primary on Sept. 12. GO KAREN HARTLEY-NAGLE!!!
Forgive the earlier statement. I meant she has college training in Elementary School Education.
Hi Karen,

It was a pleasure meeting you at Hazel Plants fundraiser last night. Good luck with your campaign.

I heard you on the radio today on WDEL. I would not put up with the Democrats putting people in the Party on the side, not recognizing you, when you are a viable Candidate. I think the Independent Party nomination of you as a Democrat strengthens the Democratic Party and gives greater visibility to each of the Democratic Candidates. Your comments about Spivack paying you to promote his name and yours in the primary was a welcome change to the politics as usual. The Party needs to recognize that controversy among candidates generates press and attention paid by the public. Dennis Spivack needs all the help he can get with getting name recognition It is unfortunate the Democratic Party doesn’t see this. Perhaps, this message may be a wake up call to the Democratic Party.
I support Karen she is definately for the people. I have known her for 4 years. I am a lifelong Democrat and will vote for her.

I know the hell her ex-husband and his family members have put her through and throw my financial support behind her.

Shirley Johnson
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