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Sunday, October 22, 2006


"Stay the course" has lost it's voodoo magic

Michael Castle sure loved "stay the course" last year.

Even two months ago he was all about "stay the course". It is hard to know what he thinks now because he refuses to talk about it and the people he sends out to speak on his behalf end up sounding like flat out dumbasses when they try to avoid saying anything substantive about Iraq.

Bush (not recovering from a stoke and able to talk for himself) is running farther and faster from "stay the course" but Castle, if true to his lap dog form, will not be far behind now that Bush has made it okay to deny "stay the course". .

In reality the Bush/Castle stragegy of "stay the course" sucked ass from day one. So I'm glad they are trashing it. The invasion itself was idiotic but they loved the empty but macho "stay the course" soundbite because it made theses cowards sound rough and tough. If you need a laugh, Think Progress has Castle's master denying he ever said "stay the course":

Wow, nice to see that you're trying to belittle yet another one of Castle's staffers. That's an interesting negative campaigning tactic that I haven't seen before. But, hey, as long as it distracts you from the fact that Dennis Spivack is around 85% retarded, great.
Did you see the video?

... okay then.

By the way time what do you think about "stay the course"? Do you agree with Mike Castle that Bush is doing a great job.

Now who is the retard ?

Jason would not have to go after the staffers if Castle came out of his hidey hole.
Honestly, do you have at least one positive thing to say about Dennis Spivack amidst the 12 jillion negative things you've said/created out of thin air about Mike Castle.

PS - "He's not a Republican" and "He's not Mike Castle" and the like don't count.

PS - I did watch the video. I've also heard you speak on the radio. There's some saying about people who live in glass houses. Maybe you know what I'm talking about.
Thin air...look at the record. I know you Castle folks want to ignore his record but run on his "reputation" but it does not work that way. Spivack was not the guy who voted for this debacle of a war and who thinks George Bush is doing a great job. SPivack did not vote to give Bush even more power. Castle did.

Spivack was not the guy who helped George Bush spend this country into oblivion and who will not come out of hiding but has created a human shield of flunkies to protect him.

If you don't like hearing the truth on the radio don't listen.
I don't think you were paying attention. None of that counts as saying something positive about Dennis Spivack. Those all fall under the category of "Spivack isn't this...Spivack didn't do that..." Try again.

Mike Castle's reputation is his record. His record shows that sometimes he is in agreement with the President and the Republican majority, but if he disagrees, he's not afraid to stand up against his own party. Your boy Spivack, on the other hand, has repeatedly cowered away from calling out fellow Delaware Democrat Tom Carper on issues which they disagree. I recall you saying something about how you criticize bad Democrats more than you criticize bad Republicans. It's too bad your boy doesn't feel the same way.
he's not afraid to stand up against his own party.

like when for example...?
Like, for example, how he has backed off the tariff suspension issue after discovering that the tariff suspension bills proposed by Tom Carper dwarf those proposed by Castle.
Nice comeback.
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