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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Castle on Iraq

For the most part this outright BULLSHIT speaks for itself. One question: Why did Castle get Rainman to speak for him at the forum?

"...Definitely gonna stay the corpse...Definitely staying the corpse, yeah...Support the troops...Definitely gonna support the troops. "

- video via a delawareliberal reader.

Rainman?!? Ouch! I'll have you know Tom Catella's a pretty nice guy. He liked your/my wheelchair question to Castle.
Castle is a nice guy too. Hell, Bush is a nice guy. Nice guys are too nice to fire Rumsfeld. Nice guys are f'ing eveything up.
You've got me on that one...
Rebuttal to Dana's endorsement of Tom Wagner in Delaware Watch

Tom is a great guy. He was elected in 89. Things have changed since then. Do you still have the car you had in 89? How about your TV, still pre 89? Your computer, is it from 89 or have you upgraded since then. 89, wasn't that before windows? Your VCR, in 89 that was cutting edge. Still have it? The point is: that things have changed considerably since 89. When everything else is moving forward, we just sit around and wait.
Compare Tom's audits with those of another state, PA, NJ, NY, and one does get the feeling we are stuck back in 89.
This has nothing to do with Tom. He is a great guy and looks good in parades. But it is a reality that one must consider if this state is going to get the best officeholders possible.
And some wing nut to mention how long Joe Biden has been around in five, four,...three...two...
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