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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


If Karen Hartly Nagle and Michael Berg want to change Washington now is the time

Every person who is not in a coma or "on the take" agrees that the the Bush/Castle years have been absolute disaster. What to do about this disaster is a matter that reasonable people can have a wide range of opinions on.

However, in practical(1) terms, the best thing we can do to help return the country to pursuit of its highest and best ideals is to defeat Michael Castle. Michael Castle is Bush's dependable rubber stamp and has voted with the administration on every war resolution that has come around.

Castle must be comforted that Delaware's liberal and progressives are not unified in their opposition to him. At a time when is reactionary voting record has been laid bare by events Karen Hartley-Nagel and Michael Berg seem poised to peel votes away from Dennis Spivack that could be vital to his victory.

Of course it is not fated to turn out that way. Karen Hartly-Nagle and Michael Berg could decide that beating Michael Castle is more important than having their egos stroked over the next few weeks. They could move a respectable number of votes and energy into the Spivack camp in a concerted effort to dislodge the truly loathsome Michael Castle. I don't think they will, but they could.

Castle is beatable this year and they have a window of opportunity in the next day or two to play a role in his defeat, if they pass on that opportunity it seems likely that they will be playing a role in continuing the Bush/Castle's reign of cruel idiocy.

(1) By "practical" I mean "capable of being put into practice" "doable", "sensible". Now, I know a lot of liberals have grievances against the Democratic party, and have left the party in protest over its accomodationist stance toward George Bush. (Believe me, I've been tempted to do that myself.) However, the fact remains that the Democratic Party has the party structure and the resources to challenge right-wing Republicans. Taking a third party stance might sooth your liberal conscience - but in he end it helps George Bush, Karl Rove and Michael Castle continue in their malfeasance. That is a simple fact.

For you, it's the war support. For me, Castle is loathsome because of his economic record - his rubber-stamping of the Republican class warfare against wage-earners.

There is nothing moderate in Castle's economic voting record. He has voted for every deficit budget, every tax cut for the rich, every anti-consumer/pro-corporate bill.

Apart from a few carefully chosen social issues, Castle has never once stood up on a big issue for the consumer, the wage-earner, or the little guy.
Too bad Karen and Michael are so self-focused that their persistance to run will result in a victory for Castle. Dennis has an uphill battle even without that extra competition for votes. The votes for Hartley-Nagle are clearly votes against Castle and could easily shift to Dennis if she really wanted to see a change in Washington. Conversely, Votes for Dennis would not necessarily shift to her....afterall, why would any of us vote for someone who is not fiscally responsible in their personal life?
Yup, falling behind on child-support payments is pretty irresponsible. I wouldn't trust her with the federal budget, let alone all those juicy lobbyist in Washington.

I do understand that Mike is making this run in memory of his son, but if he peels votes from Dennis and enables the Rethugs for two more years how many other sons are going to die? I sure wouldn't want that on my conscience.
I just don't see them getting a clue. It is an odd kind of self defeating blindness that liberals have.

For guys like Berg, the good is always lost in pursuit of the perfect for these guys.

KHN I think is just on an ego trip.
Anonymous said... misinformation that is untrue and unsupported about Karen. These cheap shots at Karen seem to only further divide the party and is not healthy for the Democrats. Perhaps the cheap shots are intended for this purpose. The republicans must love it!
Yes, young Jedi, let the hate course through you! Feel as your anger makes you stronger!

Seriously folks, you all could have done a lot better by unifying behind either Potter or Hendrix to unseat Harris McDowell, the Roger Roy hanging around the necks of the Del Dems. Either candidate would have beaten Chambers in November, since the GOP head shed short-sightedly backed him over the far more electable Tyler Nixon.
The PDD endorsed Potter - I don;t know where the Hendrix voters came from.

These cheap shots at Karen seem to only further divide the party

The party? Karen is running as a member of the Independent party as far as I know.
"Every person who is not in a coma or "on the take" agrees that the the Bush/Castle years have been absolute disaster"

Who's got my money! I'm not in a coma and have'nt gotten a check or a brown bag full a cash. ROVE! where's my money!
No coma, no money...tsk tsk...then you are just a flat out sucker.
This is a difficult one for me.
Castle is going to have to be gone at with both barrels and that means ONE OPPONENT.

This is a Nader moment for sure.

Karen is a friend and I do not think that ego is what drives her.

She honestly thinks she is the best candidate and I tend to agree with her.

40% take of the turn out yesterday on $400 is AWESOME and shows that she can do what Protack did...reach people.

Face it, Dennis has an abrasive personality and that can be a turn off and is a turn off for many people.

Castle is facing an electorate from a blue state in an anti-incumbent mood but the odds are in his favor for another much as that grates on Jason AND ME.

I understand you liking Karen. I think she hit her ceiling in the primary though.
We Have Two Dollar Gas! ^ | 9/14/2006

1.99 Caseys 1310 A Ave West Oskaloosa, IA
BuCheney is not a big oil buddy for nothing.
Gas went down by labor day to get more people on the road for vacation this year to pump hte economy.....they are playing to the
politicos who serve them.
Give us a break before elections!!!
FYI, Karen has been a Democrat most of her life but because of her disenchantment in 2004 switched to Independent and switched back in 2006. Ask Tom Carper how much money Karen was associated with in providing funding for Democratic politicans. Thousands of dollars!

Karen's win in the primary .06 cents per vote versus $38.00 per vote is testament to her ability to beat Castle. Spivack doesnt have the necessary people skills to sway any large votes. Karen does. Let's see what the total of voters say. My guess is Spivack should step aside for the sake of the Party.
Karen has not seen her children in three years because she does not choose to. The court demand that she pay someone court appionted to be present when she is with her children so she does not damage them anymore. Does karen have a driver? Is Karen able to drive herself or is her DUI or not paying child support made so she she had to give up driving again. If she misses another child support payment and has to go to prison can she serve us while she is serving at the state pen! Chin up libs keep on those rose colored glasses. You know nothing!!!!
I am sure Karen was paying her child support. She made over one hundren thousand dollars at the slots. Wait do you have to pay taxes on this. Never mind she did not make any money. Does she have a job or has she had a job. How does she pay support or her bills or to live. Does her mom Pat Webb pay for everything. Better watch that the realastate market is not so good right now what if Pat could not pay her bills, Karen would not be able to live with Mommy any more. I guess prison would come in handy for her.
The things said about Mrs. Yarnell are ture I know it sounds really bad thats because it is. These negitive facts are all backed by coury documents. Can't belive it you libs hand picked her. Check it out and get the facts from court. Don't spout about something you have no facts about.
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