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Thursday, August 24, 2006


I wish I could say I was shocked.

Hey Bill Ghent and Tom Carper, this is the guy you are staying loyal to...

Joe Lieberman will be campaigning with GOP candidates Jodi Rell and Rob Simmons today at the Groton sub base (the one that Holy Joe claims to have singlehandedly saved). Simmons, you’ll remember, is the GOP candidate running against Democrat Joe Courtney for one of those hotly contested Connecticut House seats.

Where is Schumer and Reid on this? They are betraying a weakness that I quite frankly had no idea existed. - Via Kos


Where is Tom Carper on this? My last email from Ghent (it is pronounced GENT) was this testy crap:

Jason -- The statement i sent you earlier on Lieberman is still accurate. The senator said before primary that he would support Lieberman's independent candidacy and he's not changed his mind. He sees this as an issue of loyalty to his good friend and believes that when and if Lieberman returns to the Senate, he'll still caucus with the Democrats.

That's nice Bill. Carper is going to be "loyal" to someone like Lieberman who would not know loyalty if it bit him in the ass, rather than "loyal" to the voters who elected him. Great!

Did you want to talk about the Survey USA poll as well? We're happy with our approval ratings. Senator Carper's approval ratings are still in the top tier of all senators. The so-called drop is well within the margin of error, and if you break down the polling results (by liberals, by Democrats, by black voters, by white voters) you see how widely many of the subcategories vary, which can affect the month-to-month overall results.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Okay. We'll see Bill. You may be right. Everything might be fine and dandy. On the other hand, if you and Tom are happy hanging out with the likes of Ann Coulter and Joe Lieberman you are no doubt adept at the art of self deception and things might not be as rosy as you think.

For more on just how disdainful Carper is of Delawareans, read this.

I think Joe Leiberman knows what "loyalty" is. It's what he wasn't shown at all after being the VP candidate only 6 years ago.

Loyalty to a failed war that we were lied into is no virtue and calling Bush and Lieberman out for stabbing our servicemen in the back is no vice.
This goes to the core problems of the kind of pols we grow here in DE and their typical loyalties we refer to as the DE Way...this loyalty extends to the opposite party (Carper and Castle sidling into each other's jobs, state seat incumbency election rates via secretive re-districting, etc.).

I hope that the question being put to Lieberman - WILL HE BE VOTING FOR THE GOP - about now will keep his re-election poll numbers heading downwards. He is down to a neck-and-neck advantage and even though we do not have an adequate choice against Carper, I hope this LOYALTY against the DEMs, Carper's party, hurts him in DE.

He shows his true coors....not that his voting record is any much different for the DINOsaur.
He is a flat out train wreck in the Senate. I'm over trying to make excuses for him. Maybe your onto something with this anti-incumbent thing.
oh yeah, because Jan Ting--there's someone who knows what Delaware wants and how to help Delawareans.

< / snark >
At least Ting didn't sign the deregulation bill. Carper did, and now everybody got a 59% hike in their bills.
it seems odd that TC is the only Senator to feel such "loyalty"-Biden campaigned for JL but announced support for Lamont when race was over.
JL lost his credibility with voters and TC is going down the same path!
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