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Saturday, August 19, 2006


How in God's name can Michael Castle Support this shit?

Everyday I wake up hoping that Castle will turn out to be the moderate he claims to be.

...and everyday I am let down when Castle fails to speak out against shit like this email from Ken Mehlman:

Subject: Democrat Judge sides with the ACLU to weaken our security

Dear Patriot,
Yesterday, a Democrat-appointed judge in Detroit sided with the ACLU and ordered an immediate halt to the terrorist surveillance program. This decision is a reminder of what is at stake in 2006. Will we use every tool in our arsenal to respond to emerging threats, or embrace the Democrat-ACLU position that just made it harder for our intelligence agencies to detect terrorist plots inside the United States?

This is just f'ing nuts. Ignore the nonsense argument that illegal wire taps make us "safe". Think about what Mehlman is saying. He is saying our judical system is bullshit and that the executive should not be bound by any laws.

Here is the thing - as many people have pointed out - there is no such thing as a Democrat (sic) judge. Nor is there such a thing as a Republican judge. Judges are judges. If you don't like a judge's decision it is not OKAY to go around saying that they were not doing their duty. It is not okay to undermine our system of justice to prop up your party's failed leader. It is simply not OKAY.

What the hell does Mehlman think he is doing - and why is Castle sitting back and let him do it?

I know I go on about Castle, but he proves that he is a pathetic party-hack and a fraud every single day he is silent about this shit. If he thinks his silence is helping the country he needs to get fired.

Here is the bottom line: I know Spivack is a longshot - so Castle coming to his senses would be bad for Dennis Spivack, but good for the country. (Call me old fashioned but I still put the country ahead of my party.) To that end, can someone PLEASE prevail on Castle to remove his head from his ass ? (Delaware Bar Assoc. - I'm looking at you.)

UPDATE: Ron Williams reports on Castle's approaching freak out.

There may be a generally held belief that the campaign season around here doesn't begin until Labor Day, but no one has told that to the Republicans.

Mike Castle, for one, has the most extensive display of large, green "Castle for Congress" signs up and down the state's major highways. Just when you think Castle's sign engineers ran out of space, there's another one.

Someone said to watch Castle's pocketbook as a guide to how safe he is feeling. If that is a good measure, then this sign barrage is not a good sign if you happen to like Castle's useless, impotent style representation in Congress.

spying on terrorists makes us safer.
Do you still play with yourself when you write?
spying on terrorists makes us safer.

That is why we have legal ways to spy on them.

Hp - what ever happened to real conservatives? You know...the ones who thought that wrecking the Constitution was a bad idea. Where are they on this?

I happen to think that the people who but want us safer and less free are poor excuses for Americans and not real conservatives at heart.
Jase: Castle can "support this shit" because a clear majority of the American people agree with him on this issue. Face it -- even those sympathetic to the judge's decision thought her reasoning was pathetic. That, and the 6th circuit is likely to overturn her, and if it gets to the SCOTUS it'll likely uphold the 6th circuit. This hardly makes it "shit." It likely makes it a sound constitutional wartime policy.
Sorry Hube. The "even those sympathetic to the judge's decision thought her reasoning was pathetic" line that Fox News has taken up does not change the fact that Mehlman is calling on Americans to support illegal behavior.

What if Fox News decides that "red lights" are for suckers.

Then where would we be.
Yeah, Jase. I just saw that by watching Fox. I don't peruse the Internet or read various papers. I'm just a Fox zombie.

That -- coming from a guy who'd vote for a crooked Democrat over a moral Republican. Pardon me if I chuckle just a tad.
And Jase, admit it: If this was a Democratic administration, you'd be arguing just like conservatives are about security and bemoaning the partisanship as a threat to US security. You know you would.

Oh, and I seem to recall Bill Clinton coming out in favor of the Bush policies on this matter ..
once more for the slow kids in the back of the class:

"warrentless wiretaps"

not exactly...

the NSA is authorized by our Gov. to spy on the entire world - outside the USA.

in effect the NSA has a warrent to wiretap.

in regular police work, a wiretap warrant only covers one party in the conversation.

So if I have a warrant to tap Jason's phone, I am not limited to listening to his "side" of the converstion. I also record the voices and tel#'s of the people Jason calls and is called by.

Likewise, the NSA has a "warrant" to tap Bin Ladin's phone and the administration believes they are auhorized to record both sides of the conversation, even if one side is in the USA.

What the Anti-NSA crowd (Jason,ACLU) are saying is that when Bin Ladin inc. talks to someone in Jordan, we can listen but when they talk to someone in the USA, we should turn off the wiretap.

This is irrational and it makes us less safe.

(borrowed from steamboat willy)
Hube, here's a quote for you...

"Even legal experts who agreed with a federal judge's conclusion on Thursday that a National Security Agency surveillance program is unlawful were distancing themselves from the decision's reasoning and rhetoric yesterday. They said the opinion overlooked important precedents, failed to engage the government's major arguments, used circular reasoning, substituted passion for analysis and did not even offer the best reasons for its own conclusions. Discomfort with the quality of the decision is almost universal, said Howard J. Bashman . . ."-- news story , New York Times, Aug. 19
I'll go for the more benign part of your post - the Castle signs. Really, who has out-signed Castle since he first ran for Governor? You're really not revealing anything with that. Kinda shows how you'll attempt the most useless arguments to support your stance. Sort of like condemning David Crossan to Iraq because he is GOPer like you are a Dem. How's that research paper going?
I'm sure the Campaign interns who pulled sign duty are praying for rain. It is a joy to drive fence posts into sunbaked earth!

on the plus side, they will return to college with a tan and muscles.

The phrase "return to college" offers a clue as to why Castle signs go up in late august...
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