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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Welcome Karmic Jay and Can Spivack Win?

Q: I met Dennis Spivack briefly at yesterdays Moveon event in Wilmington. Did a google search and found your blog. Does Spivack have a good chance to beat Castle?

A: Spivack is a long shot, but he can make it close and maybe win if these two things happen. 1) Bush must continue to suck. (check)

2) Michael Newbold Castle must be tied to Bush everyday.

Dems enjoy the registration advantage here in delaware and while there have been a great many ticket splitting dems when it came to Castle in the past - Rove has put an end to that kind of politics.

If Spivack can break into the news throwing some scorn on Bush/Castle on an ongoing basis, he has a real shot. Right now I put him at about 45% vs. Castle and continue to hope for him to find his voice.

PS To The Spivack Campaign: Maybe you are calling Castle out on his votes on press releases to the NJ and Delaware State News and they are not running them. If so let me know, and by the way - I'd run them.

Breaking: WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that President Bush overstepped his authority in ordering military war crimes trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees.

The ruling, a rebuke to the administration and its aggressive anti-terror policies, was written by Justice John Paul Stevens, who said the proposed trials were illegal under U.S. law and Geneva conventions.

Now this is the type of thing that demostrates that Michael Castle is wrong to be a rubber stamp for Bush and his illegal, ineffective policies.

We need a Congress that takes it's oversight role seriously.
This Election is about what's at stake.

Do you want more of the same or change? I want change with a responsible realistic reformer.

Do you want a rubber stamp Republican or a Democrat who will investigate the Bush administration? I want a Democrat like Dennis Spivack.

Is America better off than it was two years ago? I'ld say no. Thanks State and Federal Republicans.

Has the minnimum wage been raised for the past nine years? No why because of Republicans like Mike.

Is Iraq Better or worse over the past 2 or well 4 years? Due to no checks and balances and NO PLAN from republicans in congress. While Rep. Castle is just another Bush Rubber Stamp.

Republicans like Rep.Castle are giving welfare to someone and it's not the poor who need it. It's the ultra rich who don't. See Medicare Part D and The fake Energy Bill.

Republicans put unfunded mandates like NCLB on states. They aren't allowing the Democrats to fully fund it.

O I forgot one thing here. Republicans don't tax and spend. Pay as they go. Govern because they have contempt for government. They borrow and spend. Run up a debt on my future children and foster a corrupt and incompetent government.

If the question is what has Rep Castle done for me lately it's nothing good.
Amen to that. I'd like to see Iraq put under the same scrutiny that teachers are under with those bogus NCLB mandates.

Why are we asking teachers to be accountable, but not holding Michael Newbold Castle accountable ?
Because according to CNN exit polls.
Rep. Castle (R-DE)
94% of the Republicans vote
75% of the Independent vote
and the real scary statistic
46% if the Democratic vote.
Sadly at 18 I to naive to vote against him. 2 years later I will never ever vote for another republican. I only voted for 2 but that's 2 to many.

That means that the Democrat in 2004 got 6% of the republican vote
25% of the independent vote
and an anemic
54% of the democratic vote
That's why he's not accountable.
Because he's consistantly the top vote getter in Delaware statewide. Obviously Tresurer Jack Markell and Senator Tom Carper will have a higher % than Castle this year.
Those historical stats are moot. Rove has turned over the chessboard, so if any R gets 46% of the Democratic vote ever again, it only means that the Dem was in a coma.
Just a question?

Are you sending these observations to places like the News Journal as well as posting them here, which, unfortunately IS "preaching to the choir?"

If you are not, you truly need to do that.
Thanks for the info man. :)
WNJ reads the DE blogs...but sending this out in a letter form will ensure that they ignore it!
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