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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


US Senate Gives Castle One More Opportunity to Be a Fraud

Well Cheney cast the tie breaking vote in the Senate on a monstrosity called H.R. 2863/S. 1932 which cuts a variety of programs by about $41 billion over five years so billionaires can enjoy bigger tax cuts.

"It contains provisions affecting millions of Americans, including changes in Medicaid, Medicare, student loans, child support enforcement, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, the foster care program, and others."

Here is the good news.

"In maneuvering in advance of the final vote, Democrats succeeded in forcing minor changes. (The changes require) the House to vote on the bill before it can be sent to President Bush for his signature. Passage is all but certain, but the timing remains in question, since most House members have returned home for the holidays."

So Castle needs to make a choice. He can either be the moderate he claims to be and vote against this monstrsity that was rammed through the house by the corrupt republican leadership. Or, he can bend over and take another one in the rear from his RNC masters.

Here is my prediction. If the vote is close (within one or two votes) Castle will caste his vote to support his republican masters. If the vote is not close, he will have a change of heart and pretend to be a moderate. Or, I guess, he can just say "I had to catch a train." and duck the vote. Afterall, he might have some commemorative coins to deal with.

Interesting dilemma... Are Democrats really against spending cuts, and against tax cuts? Despite the caricature, not really. In theory I too would like to cut spending and cut taxes. But when the Republicans get the opportunity, they cut taxes mostly for the rich and borrow to make up the difference.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

Now that Congress seems on its way to make a little room for more tax cuts, what are the chances of Democrats and moderate Republicans joining together to implement the long-lost middle-class tax cuts, instead of the topheavy giveaways currently in the works?

I mean in a truly progressive fashion - little or nothing for the rich, heavy on the middle class, almost-free ride for the working poor who punch clocks in workplaces owned by the rich.

Seems like a pipe dream to get tax cuts like that introduced, but Hey, Mike Castle is a moderate, right? so middle-class tax cuts sounds like a cause he should get behind!! It sure would be sweet to see all the non-moderate Republicans voting against tax cuts!!

Oh, and let's be clear, these almost-passed "spending cuts" aren't going to dent the deficit much. So it's not like there's really any money to spread around anyway.
I should have made your last point in the body of the post. The R's will try to spin this as some kind of fiscal responsibility vote. Which would be funny if they were not so effective at wrecking this country.
At least Cheney "owns" this now.

The face of the torturer advocate now keeps food from the mouths of babies!
Will the GOP lose big in '06 or what!!!

Not so funny to look at the devastating effects this will bring to the most vulnerable.
Hilary's Republican opponent just dropped out of the race. For all the disparaging stuff they say about Hilary, the Republicans just couldn't find anyone better in the entire state of New York. Go figure...

After weeks of pressure from her own party to drop out, Republican Jeanine Pirro abandoned her struggling campaign to unseat Sen.
Hillary Rodham Clinton and announced Wednesday that she will run for New York attorney general instead.

Pirro, a supporter of abortion and gay rights, also had major problems in her attempts to court support from leaders of the state Conservative Party. No Republican running statewide in New York has won without Conservative Party support since 1974.

There are surely some lessons here for Democrats who hope to unseat Mike Castle. To begin with... um... ahh... Oh hell. I got nothing.
Maybe Castle will drop out? He is 66 years old you know.

After Dennis announced I'm going to do a post about all the possible outcomes of the race.

- Castle could drop out "to spend more time with his family" 2% chance

- Castle could switch parties and loose in a democratic primary 2%

- etc, etc...
Do you dimwits understand that the rich already pay most of the taxes (the top 5% pay over 70% of the fare) so when you cut taxes across the board, you cut taxes primarily for the rich? Any tax cut that includes the top tax bracket in any way will skew heavily towards the wealthiest.
rich already pay most of the taxes (the top 5% pay over 70% of the fare)

Well duh-uhh, it's an INCOME tax.
Given the ever-increasing upward concentration of wealth in the US, the top 5% are going to keep grabbing more wealth, and "paying more" taxes, even without an increase in their rate.

so when you cut taxes across the board, you cut taxes primarily for the rich?

Yes, you have defined the problem in a nutshell. That's why progressive taxation was invented.
So how do we ensure that the government has less money to waste, you liberal geniuses?
Some other anonymous said:
how do we ensure that the government has less money to waste...

Oh, I'm sorry, you are in the wrong blog. You must be looking for the starve-the-beast blog.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
My question: When does cutting back an entitlement program not affect the poor, the elderly or the infirm? Those are the only people who get entitlement money.

So we either cut benefits for the poor, the elderly and the infirm, or the United States gets eaten alive by Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
And no, anon, I'm a fan of the old-fashioned way, cutting taxes and cutting spending even more.
5:45 is SOOOOO right, keeping the income vs other tax burden FICA and SS (rich get a ss cap) is vital to seeing the bigger picture
GOPers are SOOOOO good at distortion.
I'm okay with eliminating the FICA tax cap and raising the floor as well, ensuring more lower-wage workers are eliminated from FICA (and their employers from matching) as long as the cumulative effect is an overall cut and the other side is willing to look at cleaning up Medicare and SS. I don't imagine I'll ever see Social Security at this rate.
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