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Tuesday, October 24, 2006



I like crab cakes and I like world records (who could ever forget those fat twins on the motor cycles..), but there is something sickening about this.

Handy International, a Salisbury, Md., seafood firm, also tried to set a Guinness World Record that day by cooking a 235-pound crab cake. The cake, baked in a rotisserie-style pan over a charcoal fire pit, took about six hours to cook.

Paperwork is being submitted today by Dover Downs Hotel & Casino to the Guinness World Records headquarters in London. The casino should receive word in about four to six weeks if a record was set. - PATRICIA TALORICO, The News Journal

Note: This is just filler while I work on my post about the rather sureal Cristine O'Donnell press event.

I'm probably the only person in Delaware that hates crab cakes, so that is doubly vomitous to me!
To use the word "filler" to describe an inocuous post involving a crab cake is pure genius.
Unintended genius.
You know, I didn't get that until you pointed it out, fsp.

Points for the subtle pun, Jason!
I had all you can eat crabs this Sunday. As a crab lover, I find that picture making my mouth water.
I gotta admit. Because of this post, I had crab cakes for dinner.
mmm...old bay and sauce (if you ever went to Rascals in New Castle before their on-going 50-year renovation, you know what sauce I am talking about).

Cue Homer Simpson: "awww unnngggghhhh...."

Going on my moral side, they damn well have better eaten the whole thing. Excess food in the name of records is unsettling to me.

Now, onto the not-so-moral side, the hot dog contests are disgusting, yet it is just one of the most bizarre train wrecks in life. I can't turn off the TV when it is on. Help me.
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