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Monday, October 09, 2006


Where is Castle?

Last week the News Journal reported that Elizabeth Wenk was setting up a "full-scale" press conference for this week. Presumably to show everyone how healthy and fit for service Castle is.

Well ....?

As I recall it was only a thalamic stroke and according to Castle's CARDIOLOGIST, the thalamus is an unimportant part of the brain.

UPDATE 83% percent of Americans think that Bush was either hiding something or lying when he discussed how the war in Iraq was going. 83% !!!! So if I had Castle's record of bending over for every George Bush vote that came along in the past 6 years AND if I thought George Bush was doing a great job - I'd stay in hiding too.

My guess? If it happens at all, it'll be last-minute invites to selected reporters only. You won't hear about it until it's done. Maybe they'll use a byline this time.
Imagine Wenk including me out!?!? God forbid someone would ask Mr. Healthy a real question.
You may not know about it, you being too pesky man! ;)
Sanjay -

I respect your take on that point. But if I'm skating up to the line of kicking a man while he is down - ALL they would have to do to get me to cease would be to admit that he is down.
Jason is right. They want it both ways.
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Freedom of expression is not free and this is how we pay for it.
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JASON, I read this blog commnent area earlier and must have read the post above your post that is now gone.
I do not remember anything totally radical bad. no?
It was not so bad it was just an off topic comment fro someone who just wanted to go after Ryan Cormier.

Start your own blog if you want to grind your axe. Or email me something.
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