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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


What's the difference?

They are all just a bunch of scumbags - really, what's the difference?

I know that you've heard this sentiment expressed. And as the Foley cover-up expands you are going to hear it more and more. It is the only talking point the R's have left.

But, now is the time for Democrats to answer that question. What's the difference...? People like Tom Carper try to blurr the lines, but the difference between Democratic and Republican governance is HUGE!

Democrats want to...

Make Health Care More Affordable: We need to fix the prescription drug program by putting people ahead of drug companies and HMO’s, eliminating wasteful subsidies, negotiating lower drug prices and ensuring the program works for all seniors; invest in stem cell and other medical research.

Achieve Energy Independence: Only Republicans think that we don't need to crack down on price gouging oil companies and eliminate billions in subsidies for oil and gas companies. Only republicans wants us addicited to oil. Democrats want us to develop American alternatives, including biofuels and promote energy efficient technology.

Help Working Families: Democrats want to raise the minimum wage and repeal tax giveaways that encourage companies to move jobs overseas. There is a big difference.

Cut College Costs: We need to make college tuition deductible from taxes and expand Pell grants. Also a Democratic economy would slash student loan costs by lowering interest rates.

Ensure Dignified Retirement: Republicans want to trash Social Security. Democrats will prevent that from happening under the pretext of "privatization". We also need to ensure pension fairness.

Require Fiscal Responsibility: No more empty rhetoric about trickle down. We need to restore the budget discipline of the 1990s that helped eliminate deficits and spur record economic growth.

The bottom Line: There are a whole bunch of differences between Democrats and Republicans. Don't let anyone get away with telling you otherwise.

Amen Jason.
a few other economic topics included on my wish list...
we will have to specify HOW to GET DOWN THIS ROAD, you know?

Can you imagine tackling a spread sheet to show who paid into what and when and what was gotten in simply did it for the one area AG Cehm and Castle and that exhausted your patience.
I know buying a Congressman is provides the highest return possible for any company. The cost is so cheap and the payoffs are so high that it is a complete no-brainer.
btw - the main bullet points were taken from the DNC's material. I just riffed on them.
Amen to Biofuels. Now only if we could get some biodiesel filling stations in Northern DE...It is tedious driving to Sussex Co. every few weeks.
The energy situation would not take an "apollo program" to solve. Brazil achieved energy freedom in 15 years.
On the issue of health is the problem for democrats in Delaware. You don't have a fix! You have a band-aid approach to solving the health care problem. Single Payer Health Care is the national trend...single payer health care was the "way to go" said, three....independently hired consultants who reviewed all the programs. Why do we hire consultants and study groups and then throw out their unanimous results? who is behind that backward movement. Let's see: Harris McDowell, Karen Peterson...the woman we would all like to see be our Governor and maybe Senator someday!

Karen Peterson is telling so called 'progressives" and democrats that "corporations should not have to pay one penny into our health care"...that is simply untruthful, and illogical.

Why is it that 13 new candidates signed onto "Delaware Health Care reform, single payer health care", and only one sitting Senator did..that was Cathy Cloutier!

Why did Cathy? Because her husband Phil was a great supporter of it, so was Common Cause who took a unanimous vote on it just two years ago. But things have changed because one Senator has decided "she knows more than national medical experts", more than the experts who have been studying this issue for decades...Karen is right about a lot of issues like open government....but she is dead wrong on single payer health care. It would serve the citizens if they would not simply "buy into anyone's philosophy but do their own research as I have done...and you will find that she needs to revisit the topic and get on board. Every day that goes by the State of Delaware is wasting $6 million dollars to the insurance company thieves...they are taking 65 cents out of every health care dollar for "paperwork". Unnecessary paper work...this is the age of computers...we don't need 5 people taking the same information on a form. We need to revamp and come into the high tech way of paying Doctors and Hospitals on time...not 18 months after they have seen a patient. We have social workers, psychiarists, phsycologists "closing their doors" because Delaware Health and Social Services have cut so many people from the rolls. We have small children over the age of 3, who no longer get those free checkups. Think of the single Moms trying to pay day care, on minimum wage and put food on the table, do you think they have any extra money for Doctor visits, medicine and dental care. There is no more money to fund children and young adults to have maladaptive behavior problems, who need to see counselors and be regularly seen by professionals. Yet there is no money for these services. Every year that goes by without single payer health care...the bills mount up, the cost is spiraliing out of control.

Senator Hillary Clinton is bringing this issue up again. The reason is simple...states cannot pay these outrageoulsy inflated health insurance costs, hospitals cannot remain open without their fees paid, and we all suffer.

GM and Chryler are discussing this very topic with their union officials. Corporations do not want to pay into health care...imagine what would happen to people working in these factories, where corporations no longer had to be concerned about "worker safety" or "OSHA regulations".

Just like many citizen groups warned the Delaware Legislature about "deregulating DP&L", and they didnt listen...I can assure you in the coming care will be the number one topic...and if the Delaware Legislators don't get on board and start spending our "health care dollars on "health care", and not filling the pockets of the insurance companies, our health care system will look more like some third world nation.

Something to think about.
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