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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


What Will the New Delaware Democratic Party Look Like ?

News like this proves my point about why liberals and progressives should not sideline themselves in minor parties:

Legislator Vaughn remains in Kent General Hospital

Delaware Sen. James T. Vaughn, D-Clayton, remains hospitalized in Kent General Hospital after being admitted Sept. 24 with pneumonia, a hospital spokeswoman said late Monday afternoon. Vaughn, 81, would not permit the hospital to release information on his condition, said spokeswoman Carol Candor.

Whether or not Vaughn's health improves (and I hope it does improve), it is clear that the future of the party belongs to people who are getting active now. Not joining the Democratic party to fight for peace and social justice is like not going into one room of your house "becuase it is dirty".

odd analogy, dirty rooms and DEMs
A fitting analogy. Some people have gripes about the party that are completly fixable with a little (and I mean little) effort.

If two liberals from every RD went to the RD meetings - the party would be taken over by liberals within 12 months.

And yet liberals who are fired up to chant at a DC peace rally once a year - are too proud to go to a meeting once a month. It makes no sense.
If the new Dem Party looks like Dennis Spivack, then I want no part of it. It looks too undemocratic qand intolerant. He won't even debate Berg & Hartley-Nagle when Castle is sidelined.

Who really wants to send such an intolerant person as that to Congress?

I get it. You don't like Spivack. Who do you like Berg or the other one...Karen?

Also - what about the substance of the post beyond personalities? Does it make any sense whatsoever?
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