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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Voter Participation

Simply listen to Tom Carper's and Michael Castle's radio ads and tell me that the truth of this statement is not undeniable.

The Daily Show ran a statistic the other day, showing the US is just above Mexico in voter participation. We’re 139 to their 140, if I recall. What we have in common with Mexico, it seems to me, is one-party rule. At least Mexico had one-party rule, until recently; the US still does. We call the one party two different names, but the differences between them are discernable only to another politician.....And most American citizens are not politicians. - RMJ at Adventus

As much as I want the Democratic party to mean something, when I hear Carper on the radio crowing about how cozy he is with Bush and the rest of the Republican establishment it just shoots down any argument I can make.

Running a serious challenge to Carper from the left has to be a top priority beginning November 8th.
I agree. Maybe with a six year window we can get something done.
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