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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Video Night

December Skies

Stroke or no stroke. Debates or no debates. Spivack vs. Castle is a referendum on George Bush. Period.

All the evidence shows that Castle is a rubber stamp who has done NOTHING while Bush has gone berserk.

Uggggghhh. Who with a heart could watch that sad montage and not want to just punch that smirking bastard Bush right in the damn face when you see that picture of him standing there, just laughing it up with one of those country-ass morons who belt out braindead garbage glorifying war and death about which they know nothing?

Bush is a vile wart on this country's history. He always will be. His fumbling hands are drenched in blood. At least LBJ visibly aged as the war weighed on him and destroyed his Presidency. At least Nixon knew enough to get the fuck out and end it. Bush has neither a soul nor a brain. Those metal clad coffins are just someone else's problem....the cost of doin business on hillbilly W's terror planet.

Dante could never have dreamed of what must await George Bush in the hereafter, if there is indeed a God. I hope that chimp of a chief is eternally tormented by the pain and anguish of all the lives he has cut short from this Earth in service to his pinheaded bravado and twisted lies. Rot in Hell, W. Rot in Hell.
Perspective Below (although if these lurid scandals serve the end of getting rid of this plague of fascists then maybe they have an ultimate rhyme to their seemingly irrelevant madness).

Outrage as Misdirection: The Real Scandal Isn't Foley
by Dave Lindorff | Oct 4 2006 - 11:43am |

It's a sad commentary on the state of American democracy, on the instincts of the American citizenry, and on the standards and judgment of the American newsmedia that the unsavory advances of a pathetic Forida congressman can have the nation in high dudgeon, while the ramming through of a patently illegal piece of legislation undermining a crucial 13th century civil liberty (habeas corpus), and the Fourth and Eighth Amendments of the constitution, and the secret planning for an illegal and catastrophic attack on Iran, both merit almost no complaint or mention.

Far be it from me to complain if Rep. Mark Foley's sexual obsession with teenage boys ends up sinking Republican hopes for hanging onto the House and Senate. But how sad that it would be if it is this, and the coverup of his crimes by the Republican leadership, that undoes the Bush administration, when its real crimes are of such grandeur and seriousness?

How are we to compare seeking to screw a 16-year old with totally screwing the Constitution? How are we to compare secret email solicitations with a secret plot to attack a nation of 62 million that poses no immediate threat to the U.S.?

How are we to compare the Republican Party's cover-up of a member's efforts to corrupt young pages with the same party's conspiracy to cover up the Bush administration's ineptness and possible foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks, and of the campaign of lies and misinformation it used to drum up hysteria for an illegal and totally unwarranted invasion of Iraq?

How are we to compare the media feeding frenzy over the Foley scandal with the profound silence about Bush's Iran invasion planning, and with the deliberate brownout about information regarding a growing popular movement to impeach the president for his crimes?

And finally, how to we to compare the public revulsion over Foley's indiscretions with the widespread acceptance or, or even support for abuse of American captives in the War in Afghanistan, the Iraq War, and the so-called "War" on Terror, which has included rape, sodomy, sexual humiliation and torture of all kinds, and murder--especially when it is known that the vast majority of those captives were either guilty of nothing but being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or of simply being honest fighters for their respective countries, deserving of decent treatment under the Geneva Convention, and of a fair hearing into the propriety of their detention?

What kind of nation have we become?

At least the Foley saga makes it clear why the farcical impeachment of Bill Clinton for his extramarital escapade moved forward through the House to a Senate trial, while George Bush, whose crimes far exceed those of any president before him, including Richard Nixon, and place the whole American experiment in jeopardy, has not even faced censure, much less a bill of impeachment.

Democratic Congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should be ashamed of themselves for leaping so boldly to the attack over Foley's crime and the Republican leadership's cover-up, while continuing to assert that there will be no effort to impeach the president for his own crimes even if they manage, with Foley's assistance, to wrest control of the House November 8.

The American media should be ashamed of themselves for wallowing in swill, when there is a cancer in the White House that is attacking the very foundations of the nation.

The American public should be ashamed for its sheer inanity and inattention to the responsibilities of citizenship.
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Wow, using dead soldiers for political gain. I thought only R's did that?
No. R's use live soldiers as props for photo ops and then toss them onto the trash heap like so much human garbage.

I'm just here to point out the inhumanity of that situation.
don't forget they doctor up 9/11 photo's for effect too jason.
Spivack vs. Castle is a referendum on George Bush. Period.

tanslation "I know Spivack's an unelectable nut, but it's a Protest Man!"
If you are not protesting Bush, you are not paying attention.
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