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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


UPSET WATCH: The Home Stretch Update

While these races are not polled, GOTV operations are ramping up and shedding some light on the political lay of the land.

Patricia (Pat) Morrison in the 5th Senate District is reaping two whirlwinds. One is the same sloppy redistricting that is boosting Eric Levin in the 11th. The other is a supercharged Democratic base that is chomping at the bit to repudiate Republicanism wherever they find it. Morrison's oppenent Cathy Clouiter, while a darling of radio doofus Gerry Fulcher, has run a lack luster campaign that has left her base cold. Ron Williams beat me to this one, but a Morrison win will only surprise Celia Cohen.

In the last upset watch I wrote "John Feroce in the 14th Senate District might have a slim chance to knock off Jim Vaughn... (since) it is not so clear that the antiquated Vaughn machine can make it to the finish line." Well, the afternoon sun has burned off the morning haze and it is now clear that Dana Garrett is going to have to find a new bĂȘte noire. (Knowing Dana I'm sure he has dozens if not hundreds of bĂȘte noires lined up and ready for action.)

In the 9th RD Rebecca Walker is running out of day light in her quest to knock off a Dick Cathcart. Cathcart is still a beige nothing, but he is beige nothing who knows when his homework is due. Catcart is hitting the pavement hard in an effort to offset his "do nothing" image. It might work. Either way - Walker has show that she is for real and if she decides that she wants the seat it is hers next time out.

Beau Biden is going to beat Ferris Wharton. [This is only an upset if you think the older candidate should win.] The office of AG should probably not be an elected office, but it is. With voters in Sussex County split evenly, Biden wins.
I almost forgot. Jan Ting is going to win a shocking 45% of the vote 31% of the vote. This has more to do with voters staying away in droves from "Torture" Tom Carper than anything being drawn toward Ting. If Protack had squeaked out a primary victory it could have meant a late nite for our Democratic Senator who cares nothing for the Constitution, so Carper owes Christine O'Donnell a steak dinner at the "Whist". (h/t - The Delaware Way)

There is no chance of an even split in Sussex in the AG race. Look for Ferris to win 58%+.
More fantasy world thinking from the GOP. You don't happen to work for the DOD or the office of the VP do you?
I think Jan Ting winning would be bad, as much as I dislike Carper's vote on the torture bill. Ting is known for his interpretation of the laws to suit this administrations purposes.
I hope you are joking about Ting winning.
You have to read the fine print. He wins a shocking 45% of the vote.

I agree Ting would be a disaster. Even a terrible Democrat like Carper contributes to a democratic majority.
Ting could barely win his primary let alone not even motivating more then 8% to come out and vote no way in hell that man breaks 30%
[This is only an upset if you think the older candidate should win.]

Shouldn't that be "the vastly more experienced"??
Cloutier by .15
Feroce by .21
Walker by .11
Biden by .07
Carper by .32

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