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Sunday, October 01, 2006



Carper is a flat out embarrassment.

Everyone know knows about the anti-American habeas corpus vote that pisses on the constitution. But what to do about it? I have not thought through all of the options, but this is what I have so far.

A concerted "write in" campaign. Who? I flirted with the idea, but I'm not well known enough to make a ripple. Maybe Karen Petersen or Tyler Nixon.

Do the unthinkable and vote for TING. Since Ting has no chance, this might be a better option. Carper would read the "drop off" votes (people who voted for Dems in general, but not for him) as votes of no confidence.

These actions take us through the elections, but Carper will almost certainly win re-election. We'll need to think beyond the election and keep chipping away at him until he is gone.

A concerted "draft __________" movement
While the thought of Carper sitting for another six years makes my stomach turn, the only real way to get rid of him will be to beat him in a primary. Nobody within the Democratic power structure will run against him. As much as any of us like Markell - he is above all a politician and although he could easily beat Carper in a primary, he would never take the shot. Maybe Karen again.

Any ideas?

Voting for Ting will just make Carper think he needs to be more conservative next time. He will read every vote that his opponent gets as the baseline republican vote.
Well that would be bad. So 30(ish) days to about 1,000 people to write in a name. But who?
Jim Brady
Vote Ting!
Vote Ting!
Vote Ting!
Maybe you can write in your icon Karl Marx. After all the D's dont mind when dead people vote so why not vote for dead people.
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