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Monday, October 09, 2006


Taking your temperature

My theory is that most moderates and liberals who are sick of Republican lies and mafeasance will get behind Dennis Spivack. I know Michael Berg has some sentimental appeal to some people but I can't imagine the Green candidate being a factor in this election. What do youi think?

If the election for US Congress was held today which candidate would you vote for?
Michael Berg (Green)
Michael Castle (Republican)
Karen Hartly Nagel (Independent)
Dennis Spivack (Democrat)
Free polls from

...and while we are at it, what do you guys think about these folks?

If the election for US Senate was held today who would you vote for?
Tom Carper (Democrat)
Jan Ting (Republican)
Other (Write In)
Free polls from

BTW I missed Jan Ting. He stopped by our place on Saturday. In a way I am glad, cos I was aorried I would have just told him " I ain't voting for either the guy who voted to gut Habeas Corpus (Carper) or you ( who would do the same)". I am really dismayed about this one. I am so tempted to not vote for either Carper or Ting. I am sure I will make up my mind by election day.
Write in Sanjay!!!!!!!!
write in Karen Peterson that is what I plan on doing.
She would probably not like it because she does play politics closely enoguh to know where her bread is buttered.
Karen is okay with being a write in. She is not going to come out and say - write in Karen Petersen and I would not ask her to come out and endorse this strategy.

Carper is a politician after all, so he is by definition a vidicitve low life.
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