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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Supplemental Certificate of Nomination

"I have it on good authority…with no less than three confirmed, separate, reliable sources, that Rep. Castle’s stroke was, indeed WORSE than The News Journal has reported. Conversations with some have told me that Castle was on a ventilator for quite a while because he suffered briefly — but seriously — affected the brain’s thalamus."

That was Mike Mathews reporting on September 28th, and yet the News Journal continues to stonewall the Castle health story. If Mathews can get three sources, why does the NJ contionue to rely exclusively on Castle's spokeperson for information?

Castle's handlers want to run out the clock and although the NJ is helping them out - something is clearly going on behind the scenes. It has been a week and a half since Castle has been seen - he has canceled all of his appearances. Republicans are now getting worried.

Showing no signs of being able to run for office or serve if elected, some people have begun to wonder if it is time for Castle to step down and allow Ferris Wharton or Charlie Copeland to run against Dennis Spivack.

Delaware law allows for this scenerio. And this (on the surface) absurd Dave Burris post which caused me to go ballistic, is being viewed as a "trial balloon" for the supplemental certificate option.

Delaware Code Title 15
§ 3306. Supplemental certificates of nomination.

(a) Whenever it shall be determined, subsequent to the dates specified in §3303 of this title, that a duly nominated candidate will be unable to serve if elected because of death, physical, mental or other incapacity, the state, county or city committee shall convene within 24 hours of said determination to authorize the filing of a supplemental certificate of nomination for a substitute candidate, or to decline to issue such a certificate. (19 Del. Laws, c. 37, § 4; 27 Del. Laws, c. 65, § 4; Code 1915, § 1722; Code 1935, § 1811; 43 Del. Laws, c. 129, § 1; 44 Del. Laws, c. 119, § 1; 47 Del. Laws, c. 274, § 1; 15 Del. C. 1953, § 3306; 60 Del. Laws, c. 412, §

I wonder what will have to happen for the News Journal to cover the story?

some people have begun to wonder if it is time for Castle to step down and allow Ferris Wharton or Charlie Copeland to run against Dennis Spivack.

Well, that would certainly pull the rug out from the "St. Ferris only wants to be AG" talk. Spivack's campaign ads would write themselves.

I always thought the Castle handoff to Wharton was the 2008 gameplan anyway.

Now Castle's medical condition must have them in a tizzy. If Castle is re-elected and retires, they will have to face a special election in a blue state. But if he retires before the election, they have to find a viable Republican - other than Wharton - to go up against Spivack.
The R's don't exactly have a lot of bench strength. If Carper was the one on his back, there would be a line around the block.
Your ass must be sore from pulling stuff like this out of it.
Mr. Foley,

Not that I don't find your attention flattering - but I'll mind my own ass, thank you very much.
Trial balloon...that's great.
Copeland? AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, then he could run for Governor as Congressman.......the devil and me have a snowball fight planned too. Charlie needs to straighten out that perm first.

Markell ought to switch parties and go for it. No offense to Dennis, but I just cannot see him winning against anyone.

I really don't think Wharton has any bones for larger office. He is a prosecutor and would probably not want to do all of the politicking required of a Congressman. My guess. He is politically clueless anyway which is why he will make a great AG.

Castle may be in trouble no matter the case. My sources tell me the mood amongst many older (likely) voters is that he is done, especially down here.
The greatest problem for Castle will be whether to retire.
He is likely to suffer more strokes, very likely.

Are we to be privy to this information? One assumes that the DE R leadership is...Markell for R-US House indeed!!!
A conversation between Terry Strine, head of the Delaware GOP, and Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY), NRCC chairman:

REYNOLDS: Hi Terry... Mike Castle's not so hot; he's gotta retire - who can you run on short notice?

STRINE: uhhh, I'll put some postcards in the mail...

REYNOLDS: What? No seriously; who is your next most credible candidate in Delaware? You do have a plan, don't you?

STRINE: Oh, that's easy - Ferris Wharton. He has tons of integrity. We just spent half our budget on radio ads explaining he isn't a politician, he only wants to be AG, and attacking his opponent for trying to use the AG office as a stepping stone.

REYNOLDS: (sound of hand smacking forehead...) Look, you didn't hear this from me - but how about we run some game on this Spivack guy, maybe plant some rumors about his mental health or some crap like that. We've got experience with that sort of thing; I know a guy --

STRINE: (cutting Reynolds off) Yeah, that was the first thing we thought of too, but the damndest thing happened. A couple of liberal bloggers down here beat us to it with the swiftboat stuff. We didn't have to lift a finger!


STRINE: WAY!! (both men laugh uproariously)

REYNOLDS: (serious now) Okay then, the polls are still looking good for Mike, so we'll have him retire after the election. But then you'll need a guy for the special election. What's your registration margin down there in Delaware?

STRINE: Well, we've got 44%...

REYNOLDS: OK. Not great, but 44% registered Republicans should get us over the top...

STRINE: That's 44% registered DEMOCRATIC voters...

REYNOLDS: (automatically) That's "Democrat voters."

STRINE: ... and 33% registered Republicans. Delaware went 53% for Kerry in '04.

REYNOLDS: (sound of bottlecap being unscrewed)

VOICE: Congressman Reynolds? Speaker Hastert on line 3...
If Markell switched parties, it would only be to confirm who he really is.

That said, the GOP will have a great candidate ready whenever Castle retires.
Castle is flabberghasted at the Foley scandal
frsp thinks that anyone with a job and a brain must be GOP
..he says hopefully.
even if he was hooked up to all the machines in your picture, Castle would still beat Spivak 60/40.

... but 08 just got more exciting!

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