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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Spivack demands answers on sweetheart tariff deals

While I floundered around with this for weeks, Dennis Spivack cuts directly to the heart of the matter:

“The question here is not whether 4-chloro-benzonitrile is useful, or even safe, but why did Mike Castle ask the United States Congress to selectively drop import taxes on this particular item? Who does this benefit?”

“This makes me wonder who Republicans expect to pay for the war they got us into. Certainly not the wealthy. Apparently, not chemical companies needing special tax breaks, either.”

Hmmmmmm....I wonder why he didn't mention Carper...

Face it J. He's more of the same.
Nice wink toward Dana.

Where the heck is Ting on this? Spivack is supposed to do his job and Ting's ?
and another ting. Wouldn't Ting have a better case anyway since Republicans are all into balanced budgets and all?

Get me Ting's number I need to give Ting a ring.
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Spivaks a protest singer, singing a protest song.
"Where the heck is Ting on this?"

If you're asking if he'll be accusing one and not the other, my guess is no.
Please. Hell will freeze over.
generally, step one would be to research what the chemical actually is. most people might shy away from making the outright claim that its never ok to suspend tariffs on anything for any reason whatsoever. spivack, hes a special guy, though.
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